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Test Script: Aetherics 1050

Cell #1

(Instructor): Hello young theologians, everyone here has one of these reasons.

Cell #2

(Instructor): Perhaps you are here because of to find answers to your past.

Cell #3

(Instructor): I will work to give you closure.

Cell #4

(Instructor): Perhaps you are here to learn of good and evil.

Cell #5

(Instructor): I'll give you the evidence and let you decide what it means.

Cell #6

(Instructor): Some took the class on a dare, or thinking it was an easy way to pad your GPA.

Cell #7

(Instructor): You will gain nothing, so save your time and leave.

Cell #8

(Instructor): Maybe you are a skeptic, seeking to prove that everything I say is a lie.

Cell #9

(Instructor): If so, I dare you to try.

Cell #10

(Instructor): However some of you enter with a spark in your eyes.

Cell #11

(Instructor): To you this is more than a class.

Cell #12

(Instructor): For whatever reason it is a crusade.

Cell #13

(Instructor): I will give you the tools to stalk your prey.

{This is an introductory monologue to a series to explain lore about Makai, Celestials, Angels, and how they interact.  There will be an advanced course 2000 that deals with anatomy.  Followed by 2050 which looks at them from an anthropological standpoint.}
tried an earlier test script for a walfas comic.  However DA didn't seem to work well with .docx files.
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January 27, 2015




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