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This group consists of players of Improbable Island, and game-related art! There are quite a few players of this text based online role playing game that are also members of this art site. This group is a HUB for all of the members to come together and share their common interest in the game and art. To become a member of this exclusive group of deviant improbable islanders, click the join button, and add your main character's name (no title), or a link to the bio page on II, so we can decide if you belong in the group! The rules are pretty much the sum of DA and II rules combined. If you want to check out what Improbable Island is all about, follow this link.


While most of those coming by ImprobableIslanders are members, and often players of Improbable Island, there are some who visit who are neither. Seeing a wall of text as you check out the site can be daunting, but believe me, text-based adventure and role playing can be just as rewarding, if not more so than other MMORPGs. Improbable Island is an MMORPG, only text instead of 3D graphics, but it's a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you actually role play, and not just see the game world from first person perspective as in other ones, like World of Warcraft.

After receiving a note from a fellow player about an archive of stuff made by players, I decided to make this journal, hoping to save some art stored only there from being forgotten and lost. There's some solid gold nuggets there, and I want to highlight a few here. One of our players, let's call him Aer after his character, made a "Let's Play" video. Fair warning though, Aer's a loud-mouthed Aussie which could rival Corporal Punishment in who's shouting more. If that's no problem, check out his video here. If you'd rather watch a calmer "playthrough" (there really is no end to Improbable Island, so there's no "playthrough", but more like an introduction to the game), you should check out McGee's playlist here instead. Another fair warning, after the eight videos in the list there's five videos dedicated to a game called Pony Island. Don't fret, it has nothing to do with My Little Pony, and it's actually quite interesting, even disturbing.

One of the things I want to highlight from the page are some catchy songs made and preformed by a (former?) player of the game named Icterid, called NewHome, a great rendition of the NewHome anthem "NewHome is Full of Newbs", and Me and Horatio Entwhistle. If you wonder who Horatio Entwhistle is, he's the personification of the Improbability Drive, and having tea with Horatio is an euphemism for fighting the Drive. Here's some examples of great images who never made it to ImprobableIslanders gallery. Click on the images to get a larger version.

I just want to turn your attention to a comic made by one of our local residents - local as in player of Improbable Island. Clayton Eicher, Clayton41, tells the story of a newb, Clayton, and his adventures on Improbable Island, starting from the time he gets dropped from a plane, and lands, naked of course, outside the gates of NewHome. If you're not familiar with Improbable Island, please beware that the game has an incredibly weird humor. He started the comic in December 2013, and still updates it regularly on ComicFury. Take a moment to check out the folder made for this comic right now, because It's New Day! Have fun reading it! :D
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