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Originally written by Artorius on main site

As development has been progressing, I have begun to see a lot of chatter concerning what will happen to characters and items on existing accounts when we move to the new version. I think there have been some confusing mixed messages passed around about this, so as the person actually responsible for the code that will be handling this migration I wanted to clear up a few things about this.

Step one of the migration will be a complete exact copy of all existing account, character, and inventory data from the live server filesystem to the dev server database. The community will be notified when this snapshot is being taken, as activity on the live server will NOT be reflected on the new server if it occurs after the snapshot is made. There will likely be multiple snapshots throughout development leading up to release, with a final snapshot before the new version goes into open beta.

Step two is data validation. There are a ton of garbage spam accounts and hacked items on the current server, so once all of this data has been migrated to the new database I will be making multiple passes over it to filter out and remove bogus accounts and items from the game. This item validation process should also resolve most other inventory related bugs in the current game.

Step three is modeling. While the new game database will have a cleaned up exact copy of everyone’s existing characters and items, not everything will immediately have updated graphics available on the new game engine, and it may be decided that certain items will be removed from the new game version entirely. When we get closer to this point there will be further information available online as to what items are available in the new version already, which items are planned to be migrated, and which items will be removed.

I hope this clears up everyone’s main concerns about account migration, but if you have any other specific questions not addressed here please feel free to drop me a line in the comments below.
spr-out Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018   Digital Artist
Hello, unsure whether I am just reading this wrong/not reading into this enough but, what do we do if we are unsure if our old account has been deleted already? If the server is down, we can't sign in, right? Also, where do we submit our account information to be migrated, anyway?
Vegaven Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
No accounts have been deleted. There will be a way to access lost passwords when the alpha is released. 
You can not currently sign in, sorry about that. Also, no need to submit account information for migration, all accounts will be migrated unless otherwise stated.

You can find more answers, updates, and help here.
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