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Hello! Not sure if anyone still checks this, but I was wondering if the server was still up and if I was kicked from it. I can't find it in my servers anymore.. :/
seems like this project is dead

Well, that really sucks...

this game brings back some nice memories. I found more enjoyment in this rendition of the impressive title spin-off games. I am curious if this is still in the works! and if the discord is still up!
I'd love to support this game and see it's progress! I do hope everyone participating in its reworking is also taking care of themselves! 

Best of wishes and gentle thoughts!
Wow, I am beyond impressed and I am so excited! I was having some of that good old nostalgia and I remembered this game which I used to love playing so many years ago. I was wondering if it was still up or if it died within time but I am very happy and excited to see it renewed and being reworked! 
I would love to support and see this progress go through! I would also love to offer any help if needed. God, I am beyond excited I can barely express it in words! Good luck!
Also, may I join your discord?
I'm glad you are happy with the work we've done so far!! Thank you for your support, definitely a big motivation for us developers.
Yes! Here is a new discord invite:
Brilliant! Thank you so much! Everything looks amazing so far! Galaxy Heart Bullet