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Hello my name is Jax! I don't use this account, all other content and artwork has been moved to my other socials (which can be found on my spotlight).

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All deviations have been stored, I am no longer active here, refer to my "Other Websites" card to see other places where I am active. All bases and f2u artwork is slowly being relined and moved to my FurAffinity.

I will not be taking my deviations out of storage or returning to DeviantArt at this time, thank you.

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hi do u have discord? one of ur toyhouse usernames reminds me of someone on a dev team on discord

My discord is IMPLUCIUM#5069

I am definitely not apart of the dev team, IMPLUCIUM is my art name which ive has for a long time and JAXXON (Jaxxon) is one of my irl names. But feel free to add me if you have any questions or concerns.

oh alright! jaxxon was a name of a friend of mine, sorry to bother you
hey dude! noticed you were selling an oc i liked but the journal's kinda old so i'm not sure if you're still on the fence w redcrosse?

i'd only be able to do trades atm though!
Hello there, Redcrosse is still up for sale as well as all of the other characters in my sales journals. Unfortunately I don't think I can accept trades for Redcrosse at the moment as I'm more so looking to get money back for a lot of characters^^