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hihi Im very new to deviant art, I just designed an MYO ticket =3552= and ive been researching on how to submit my design , is there perhaps a user friendly more simpler way to submit?♡ im having a bit of trouble reading and understanding all the directions (,, . .),,

Heyo!! An alternate way of submitting an approved design is to note/dm the masterlist account with the required information included in the note! :>

Which is:

-Creator of design

-Current owner

-Artist of image

-Is this impim overhaulable?: (Yes/No)

-A link to the image

(For MYO slots):

-A link to the Masterlist Entry

-Proof of design approval (Can be a screenshot or a link to WarningParades' comment!)

(For Designs created from the Original MYO event):

-Date the Design was made

-A Link to the original deviation

Let us know if you have anymore questions! <3

thank you so much! Believe it or not I actually made it AA!! I figured everything out! I got it approved and its now on the Masterlist waitlist♡♡ Thank you so much ♡

hiya! this nimin has my name under the ml image credit for some reason, could this get updated so it doesn't?

Fixed! Sorry about that!

Hello, I recently got traded an impim but I cant find them anywhere on the masterlist. - - Was wondering if they just havent been uploaded or if I got an unofficial one, any help would be great, ty.

Hello! This impim is from the MYO event back in 2019 so they are official! MYO Deviation Link

To submit them to the masterlist, fill out the form on the this journal: