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Salvete amici!

Well, the contest wasn't the thing I expected to have in here - maybe it was too soon after opening the group, maybe it wasn't the wrong theme, maybe it wasn't interesting enough. After all we had two entries - by :iconasheellwood: and :iconjoshaukaitlyn: and I think their work and ideas should be honored. :) It's not easy to decide what to do now. At last there weren't not enough entries to get a real choice between ideas, media and artist's styles, so I can't say who of those two brave artists has to be the winner of the contest. So I will feature both here and in my journal for a month, with the picture done for the contest and three other pieces from their galleries, and if you as a member of this group want to do so too, feel free - an artist never can get enough focus on his or her work.
The price for the first place ... well, if you don't mind I'll keep this for another contest, at last it's money, and I can't afford to pay a month for both of you at the moment. :)

:iconasheellwood:'s entry: "Bittersweet dance"…

The artist's comment to this piece:
"This is an illustration of my alternate history story, in which I am writing Domitia Lucilla ("Red") and Avidius Cassius as almost-lovers. Vague history ripe for the tweaking. ;)
The scene (as I have it set up in my head, so far) is set around the year 141-145, at a party in the palace of Antoninus Pius for the second Equirria festival in March. Cassius has come home from his eastern post for the festival's military blessing rites, since he's a prominent officer (and during that time, there is no major war on) he has to be there to reluctantly fulfill his social obligations. However, it's a good excuse to see his lady.
Red is accompanying Marcus and his growing family at yet another Imperial celebration, as she often does. (Marcus and Lucius are still being groomed for their joint emperorship.) She knows Cassius will be there too.
Red and Cassius have managed to remain friends all these years, but some distance has grown between them, and there is now an air of formality to all of their meetings. At this particular party, after a few cups of wine, they both let down their guards and ease into a rhythm of conversation that's closer to what they used to share.
Red, always the shy one, musters up all her nerve and asks Cassius to dance. He takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor, but not too far in to be noticed by many. The lutes play a soft but happy melody, reminding them of old times. They both relish the touch of the other's hand, wanting to hold each other closer, but not daring to.
The dance is over. Cassius, come home with me, Red wants to say. She is a widow, yes, but Cassius has a wife and family back in Syria. So she doesn't say it.
Cassius wants to stay with her, take her home. It's not his wife he's worried about, but Red. He will not dishonor his lady, his real love. He will not make Red into "the other woman." He bids her farewell and leaves the palace. Red watches from the balcony as he walks away through the moonlit courtyard.
Cassius retrieves his horse and rides away through the streets of Rome, forcing himself to keep his eyes forward. If he looks back, his heart will betray his reason."

:iconjoshaukaitlyn:'s entry: "LOVERS Contest"

The artist's comment on this piece:
"With the death of the Emperor Claudius, possibly poisoned by his wife / niece, Agrippina, Nero became his successor. During his reign many executions took place including that of his mother, Agrippina. The great fire of Rome in AD 64 saw his attempt at rebuilding the capital as a monument to art; the project emptied the treasury as well as the sacred temples. Married at first to Claudius daughter he also had her executed and married his lover Poppaea. He is rumoured to have been lovers with Tigellinus, the prefect of the Praetorian Guard whose perversity was matched only by his emperors. Under both Nero and Tigellinus, Rome's aristocrats became fearful of their lives, as more money was needed to complete the Emperors rebuilding of the city. In AD 65 whilst pregnant Poppaea argued with Nero who enraged kicked her repeatedly in the abdomen killing both her and the unborn child. She may have simply died in childbirth; however, Nero went into a period of deep mourning. In AD 68, a military coup forced Nero to flee Rome finding no help among his soldiers he returned to find that, his friends as well as Tigellinus had abandoned him. Leaving the city again, he reached a villa outside Rome where shortly a messenger came bearing news that the senate had declared Nero an 'enemy of the state' and ordered his death. Hearing the approaching horsemen Nero committed suicide. Tigellinus survived Nero's death for a few short months until he too took his own life by cutting his throat with a razor. Nero was the last of the Julio-Claudians, his demise sank Rome into another civil war and a year when four emperors gained the purple the last being Vespasian, the founder of the Flavian dynasty."

Please step by their gallerys, have a good time visiting and browsing their stuff - I'm glad you two did some artwork, and I hope you will do so in the future. If you want to help me with this group, leave a comment or PM, I'd be happy to have some co-admins in here. :)

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