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A decade has passed since the last Howler War and the City of Lupa stands peaceful again under the choking clouds of the Ashfall. The wild hyenas have been conquered, the little beasts remain subdued, and the wolf packs preserve their uneasy oligarchy thanks to the noxious power of imperium. However, new threats fester within the Lupan Wall. There are those who would overturn the rule of the Den Fathers, if not the dominion of wolfkind altogether, by persuasion, murder, even genocide, if that’s what it takes.

Imperium Lupi is a gritty, steampunk, fantasy adventure packed with intrigue and flexible morals. The true monsters are not the giant insects that stalk the wild world of Erde, but the beasts who don the mask of civility to cover their crooked convictions.

"For the Republic Lupi!"

DoM 0004


Set in a retro-future populated by canines, Dogs of Mars follows the travails of Sasuke Hattori and his crew of prototype super-soldiers, known as the X-dogs. Created by Mars to defend her during the war with Earth, the X-dogs face a new threat in this peaceful age; a rampant alien bio-weapon known simply as the Mold. Armed with Sasuke’s latest invention, the RIG, the X-dogs must not only navigate Mold-infected space stations, but also the demands and foibles of a society that shuns them.

Happy Doggo

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DOGS of MARS: Dog from the Machine is being released on New Year's Day. It's a retro-sci-fi setting; Total Recall, meets Bladerunner meets, The Thing/Resident Evil/Alien, meets late 80's early 90's anime, with dogs instead of people (because... anthro). Dogs of Mars is more tongue-in-cheek than Imperium Lupi, and a little bit ruder, especially re. language. You have been forewarned. The book has had a long and painful birth with several missteps and re-writes over the years; fairly normal for a book really, but as some of you may know it was even published briefly under another title before I withdrew it and reworked it cover to cover. I very nearly consigned DOM to the dustbin with all my other secret failures. Still it's all done now and I am happy with the final form it's taken. I will be producing related artwork going forward, as well as servicing Lupi as usual - I will always continue to practice drawing and writing, in general. BTW I expect there'll be a few
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Thanks for the birthday wishes. Imperiumlupi will return soon.
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Mature Content?

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"Does your Deviation Imperium Lupi - Prince Noss Jua-mata contain explicit content?" "Nope."
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Thank you for the Quartz, even if I am not sure what they are for.

Keep up the great works that you do and I will keep on laying down the Favorites.

Pretend it's imperium.

My FA page is more up to date than here, or indeed the website.

I am not as active on FA as here but I am now a Follower of Yours there.

i love you art work i like the buff spoted hyena with the bow and arrow and spare

That's Nurka Jua-mata from the novel 'Imperium Lupi', where hyenas feature prominently.

i noticed that the Kusanagi resembles the metal gear rising sword the HF Muramasa that Riden used at the end of the game

I don't know. If it helps It's a wakizashi, not a katana. HF blades are just staple of anime, but the dogs of Mars Kusanagi is not a HF blade, it's alive, has got a microscopic biological saw blade and feeds off the host organism, same as the rig.