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Hey guys, 

I just wanted to take the time to apologize for not getting back to some of you.  I have a ton of deviations to check and some notes to go through.  I have two languages I need to update the rules in and a ton of other stuff piling up.  Im back in school for my senior year and we just passed midterms so I'm super busy.  I will read all of the messages and notes asap, but if i don't get back to you for a month I apologize now, life took over so i have to push for the college finish line :)

I have another account that, if you want to follow my artwork, you can find here: :iconmsmirandarose:  I'm getting all of my older artwork up at this point so its all about a year old stuff.  I'm cleaning house to make way for the newer things so stay tuned :)

ALSO, an important note to everyone.  FOR CREDITING I'm going to have to ask you to insert our icon or our base url ( in the image description.  The image thumbs are no longer working for me and several others I know, they just appear as the code. So please do one of the previous methods from now on and help those who might not get to read this if you can.  For those of you who don't know how to add an icon, simply copy the rolling text and remove the underscore and you will have a working icon link to our page :iconimperialstarletstock_:

Thank you all for you patience!

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Thats right!  Im back on DA for the time being, until school calls me away once more. :)  I hope everything is well with you all and that you guys enjoy the new stocks to come!

Thank you all so much for your support! 
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Hey Guys!

Just to let you know, we are both alive and well.  I have a few things that you will need to be on the look out for coming up over the summer. (Another model maybe? ;)) Things are still busy on my end so you will need to be patient for a bit longer.  I still have some stock that needs to be posted and I will try to get to that when I can.  Again, apologies for not being around as much.  Im also in the middle of re-liscencing all the photos here (all 1,225 of them) so thats taking some time up too.  I am behind on messages too so please be patient! (College is taking up all of my time this semester.)

Anyway, in  the mean time I am going to direct you all to a lovely lady I have the pleasure to call my friend and classmate.  She has some awesome artwork up that I think everyone should see so please check her out.  Her deviant art is :iconnoxiihunter: and the blog of awesome is: .  So please go and check her stuff out, give her some likes and love. :)  She deserves it, she is really good (and an all around awesome person too!) :)

Thanks for you time to read this guys and apologies again!

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Today marks my first day back to college for my spring semester.  With that being said things may or may not be a little quieter around here, it depends on how much work I have.  I am taking minimum credits this semester but still have to give it my all of course.  :)  So no shoots for a while, but dont worry I still have a good 500 photos to upload through out the semester and 100 more to edit, from this breaks shoot.  So Im just letting you guys know that if I drop off the face of the Earth for a while, its because Im back to the routine school work.  

Hope you all had happy holidays and are starting off with a wonderful year! :D

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Okay, so I am now officially on winter break!  Yay! :D  I have up until January 18th or so before we start up for spring semester, so plenty of time to update here before I start the demanding art school tasks once again. :XD:

So prepare yourselves for a brigade of stock photos! :D
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Hey Guys,

Just a little update for today while I am on a quick lunch.  Again I apologize for not being around as much but school takes up all of my time.  It is what it is. :)

Also I want to give a shout out to :iconsenshistock: for the most amazing feature!  Thank you darling!
For everyone who hasn't heard of her (although, Im sure you all have :P) go check her out! :D

Thank you all for your patience,
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Just so you are all aware.  I have started school again, which means, heavy work loads and lots of things to get done.  This unfortunately leaves me little time to attend to my accounts on here.  So if I don't reply right away or I fav and run, I do apologize.  I just dont have a super amount of time worked out in my schedule for managing this account, as well as my other two.

Just figured I would let you all know why I wont be uploading a ton of stuff in the coming months.

Thank you for your patience! Goodnight :D

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Sorry fort he long time no see guys and gals!  Art College rules my life for most of the year, thats just the way it goes. But now it is summer and I can get back to everything I do here on DA! :D  With this being said Im hoping to finally finish uploading all the pictures from the first two shoots, way back in the beginning, almost two years ago.  I also have two new shoots that I have to organize and after that will start pulling from!  Some good stuff in these ones, including umbrellas and guns!  I love all the pics you guys do with the stock, keep em coming! :D

More new stock to come this week!
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Okay guys and gals, my winter break is fast approaching and that means that I will be having a new stock shoot or two coming up! Yay!  So with that being said, is there anything you guys want to see?  Speak now or never!

Here is the current suggestions list:
:bulletred: Umbrella Stock
:bulletred: Standing Male Stock
:bulletred: Gun Stock (both handgun and rifle type)
:bulletred: Jumping Stock
:bulletred: Dance Stock
:bulletred: More Fall and Shoot
:bulletred: Defeated Poses
:bulletred: Couples
:bulletred: Multiple People
:bulletred: Fight Stances
:bulletred: Sailor Moon Weapons Poses
:bulletred: Hand to Hand Combat Poses

:bulletred: Yoga inspired
:bulletred: Tools - wrench, hammer, etc.
:bulletred: Sleeping Beauty/Funeral Type Shots
:bulletred: Dramatic Reaching
:bulletred: Bowing and Curtseying with Hat
:bulletred: Sword Fights
:bulletred: Relaxed Poses
:bulletred: Cross Weapon Fights
:bulletred: Shy and Unsure Poses

Comment if you guys want to see anything else!
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Okay, so it has come to the point where I can no longer thank you all on an individual basis.  I get over a thousand :+fav:s a month and I have over 230 watchers at the moment.  I do have a life and college outside of deviant art so that eats up a lot of my time.  So I will simply thank you all here!  THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH!! :D :love:

I will still answer comments and all of that jazz though.

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for the :+fav:S!!! :D :love:

Okay guys, I cant stress enough about reading the rules before using my stock.  I know its boring but I need you guys to bear with me.  All you have to do is read them once then keep them in mind when posting again.  Simple.

The Rules: imperialstarletstock.deviantar… - :bulletred: YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL OF THESE!! :bulletred:

And then there are requests,

:bulletred: I DO NOT DO THEM. :bulletred: I do however take suggestions that may or may not be completed.  And I will not guarantee that they will be done right away.  For example, my next stock shoot probably wont be until December.

Sorry to spam you guys'  inboxs but this needed to be restated.
Questions either received or expected to get:

:bulletred: Can I use your stock?
Yes but you must first read the rules that can be found on the main page.

:bulletred: Why don't you use costumes?/Will you use costumes?  
We don't use costumes due to the fact that our work is based on the human figure and most of my work uses this stock as pose reference.  The majority of our stock will not be in costume but we may in the future do a shoot or two with costumes.  It is undecided at the moment.

:bulletred:  Who models for you?/Do you model?/Which one are you?
Currently we have two permanent models that pose for this account.  The first is myself, :iconmirandarosecrowell:, and the second is my sister, :iconsailorkakarii:. I am the one who operates this account and I am the golden strawberry, extremely long, hair.   My sister is the brunette that resembles me.  We have had a few other models come and go, especially in the early stages of the shoots.  Also with me being college bound new models may appear throughout the years.

:bulletred:  Why do you wear heels/nylons?
These items make our legs smoother and sexier.   Who doesn't want sexy legs? :giggle:

:bulletred: Do you take requests?
We don't take requests but we will take suggestions, which will be added to the suggestions list on the other side of this page.  Also stock shoots are few and far in between so be patient.  The suggestions may not be take and posted right away.

:bulletred: Will you change your lighting source?
Changing the lighting is very hard to do seeing as how the majority of our lighting is attached to the wall or ceiling as well as natural lighting.  So no we will not change the lighting for individual photos.

If you have another question regarding our stock please feel free to ask!  I will answer the best I can.
Okay, things have gotten wrapped up and life has taken over, leaving this account void of progress.  I am happy to announce that this none existence is soon going to be over.  By the end of this month this account is going to be but into use. :squee:  I am nearly finished with the preparations required to begin submitting pieces.  I simply have a few hundred photos left to go through.  Although that doesn't sound like I am nearly done, but from where I was earlier in the month I am very close.  All that is left are those said photos and some general updating around this page, which I have already began to work on.  So by the end of the month ImperialStartletStock should be up and running.  Thank you all for your patients.
Okay, so this account is nearly a year old and nothing has been added here yet.  Appologies for this.  Unfortunatly this is going to remain the case for at least another two months, or until summer vacation rolls around.  As of right now I dont have the time for stock.  I dont have the time to sort through photos or prep for more shoots.  With this being said there are some shoots completed.  This means that this acount WILL BE put into use, when I get the time to sort through the photos and get everything in order.  Until then this account will remain inactive.  Also, after this summer the stock shoots may be far and few in between, due to the fact that I will be going to college in the fall.  This means that I will be away from my other models and I am unsure if I will have a camera. (I am debating on taking my cannon with me to college.)  If the chance arises that I can do stock in college, I will need all new models and so on.  This is all unsure and nothing is final at this point.  With that said, hopefully everything will go well and we will begin uploading come summer 2011.