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USA-North American XP-74 Tyrant (AU) by Imperialist007 USA-North American XP-74 Tyrant (AU) :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 4 0 Japan-Kawasaki Ki-201 Karyu by Imperialist007 Japan-Kawasaki Ki-201 Karyu :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 5 0 Ger-VK 40.01 (AU) by Imperialist007 Ger-VK 40.01 (AU) :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 4 0 Luftwaffe RGB Colors by Imperialist007 Luftwaffe RGB Colors :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 3 0 IJNAF/IJNAAF SPS RGB Colors by Imperialist007 IJNAF/IJNAAF SPS RGB Colors :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 5 2 Japan-A7M Reppu Series by Imperialist007 Japan-A7M Reppu Series :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 5 0 Ger-Focke-Wulf Ta-154 Moskito Final by Imperialist007 Ger-Focke-Wulf Ta-154 Moskito Final :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 6 2 Ger-Ta-154 Moskito (Dwg. 101014-22-100) by Imperialist007 Ger-Ta-154 Moskito (Dwg. 101014-22-100) :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 9 0 Italy-Ta-154 Zanzare by Imperialist007 Italy-Ta-154 Zanzare :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 5 0 France-Renault AMC-35 (ACG-1) by Imperialist007 France-Renault AMC-35 (ACG-1) :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 4 0 Germany-VK 45.02(P2) Typ 180-1 by Imperialist007 Germany-VK 45.02(P2) Typ 180-1 :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 6 0 Germany-VK 45.02(P1) Typ 180-1 by Imperialist007 Germany-VK 45.02(P1) Typ 180-1 :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 6 0 Japan-Type 5 Ho-Ri (Toku) by Imperialist007 Japan-Type 5 Ho-Ri (Toku) :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 4 0 Japan-Type 2 Ka-To (10cm Type 5) by Imperialist007 Japan-Type 2 Ka-To (10cm Type 5) :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 4 0 Japan - Type 4 Chi-To by Imperialist007 Japan - Type 4 Chi-To :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 6 0 Junkers EF.132 by Imperialist007 Junkers EF.132 :iconimperialist007:Imperialist007 6 0


Takao and Atago by 0bakasan Takao and Atago :icon0bakasan:0bakasan 446 17 Yugoslav SO-122 Prototype Support Tank by thesketchydude13 Yugoslav SO-122 Prototype Support Tank :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 14 7 Yugoslav Tenk Tip-A/Projekat Vozilo-A by thesketchydude13 Yugoslav Tenk Tip-A/Projekat Vozilo-A :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 15 0 TVP VTU Koncept by thesketchydude13 TVP VTU Koncept :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 14 1 TNH 57/900 Prototype by thesketchydude13 TNH 57/900 Prototype :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 15 0 Skoda T-40 by thesketchydude13 Skoda T-40 :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 15 0 WZ-1224 Prototype MBT by thesketchydude13 WZ-1224 Prototype MBT :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 11 6 WZ-122-2 by thesketchydude13 WZ-122-2 :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 11 0 WZ-122-3 by thesketchydude13 WZ-122-3 :iconthesketchydude13:thesketchydude13 11 0 Heinkel He 211 with Fieseler Fi 103 (AH) by Yqueleden Heinkel He 211 with Fieseler Fi 103 (AH) :iconyqueleden:Yqueleden 13 2 K/DA Ahri by raikoart K/DA Ahri :iconraikoart:raikoart 7,170 94 Messerschmitt Bf 109 by braden1986 Messerschmitt Bf 109 :iconbraden1986:braden1986 10 0 Avia S.91 - Czechoslovak Air Force, 1950 by Sport16ing Avia S.91 - Czechoslovak Air Force, 1950 :iconsport16ing:Sport16ing 10 2 Schwerer Kampfpanzer Loewe by Khyron2000 Schwerer Kampfpanzer Loewe :iconkhyron2000:Khyron2000 14 0 Welpe y Lowenjunge (AH El Visitante) by Yqueleden Welpe y Lowenjunge (AH El Visitante) :iconyqueleden:Yqueleden 7 0 Heinkel He 111 H-6/R3 y H-11/R2 (AH El Visitante) by Yqueleden Heinkel He 111 H-6/R3 y H-11/R2 (AH El Visitante) :iconyqueleden:Yqueleden 9 0



USA-North American XP-74 Tyrant (AU)
Original idea by RipSteakface of Shipbucket forums when he posted a pen-and-paper sketch of a "Super Mustang". So I took inspiration and drew it for him.

Background from :
High-altitude fighter escort / bomber interceptor. (yes, l’il words near the cockpit is named after the Twi’lek ace pilot/mother because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Conceived by North American Aviation in response to the alleged development of the Nakajima Ki-87 and later the Kawanishi J6K1 fighters in 1943-1944, it was later expanded into the bomber hunting realm after reports circulated of the Nakajima G8N / G10N strategic bombers and the Army’s Kawasaki Ki-91 heavy bomber entering service. These three bombers were capable of bombing the Marianas, where the majority of the B-29s based in the Pacific was located at, or in the case of the G10N, where it was capable of bombing the United States.

Powered by a Pratt & Whitney H-3130 24-cylinder H-type engine rated at almost 3000hp driven by two contra-rotating propellers with four blades each, it was renowned for it’s rate of climb, armour, and speed.

Due to it’s role, armament was heavy; it consisted of a 37mm M10 cannon firing through the propeller hub, alongside with 4x 20mm AN/M3 cannons in the wing panels, but the 20mm cannons were dropped for 8x 12.7mm AN/M2 machine guns. While it shared the range of a B-24M heavy bomber, it could be outfitted with drop tanks to further extend it’s range; thus why P-74s were used from Iwo Jima, not Okinawa like most fighters of the USAAF in the Pacific.
Ger-VK 40.01 (AU)
Something fun I did based off of my E-25 and Panther drawings :)


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United States
Live in the US. I draw for Shipbucket (FD Scale) in my spare time :)


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