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Below are some examples of what I've done so far and I have decided to open up Commissions for similar things should anyone be interested!

If interested you can email me at:
Payment will be done through Paypal. 

Something like this could be at around $10.
No background, but customised to show your character's quirks.

Leonie Durand by ImperialFiddlesticks

A simpler edit like this one below with added background and atmosphere would be around $15.

The Blushing Bride by ImperialFiddlesticks 

More compicated things like these with a lot of added items, customized poses
and backgrounds will likely be more expensive and depend on how many hours go into it.

The Bookworm by ImperialFiddlesticks   The Depths of the Tomb by ImperialFiddlesticks  Team Work by ImperialFiddlesticks

Other examples of work I've done: 

Commission: Witch Hunt by ImperialFiddlesticks

The Copper Kettle by ImperialFiddlesticks

Commission: Magical Studies by ImperialFiddlesticks

Leo and Nadi in Uldum by ImperialFiddlesticks
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Last year I was inspired to start making even smaller mini hats than usual with the goal that they should be hung in a Christmas Tree. It went better than expected and I sold several sets of the little ornament hats. :) So I thought, why not bring them back this year?

Golden Christmas Ornament Mini Hats by ImperialFiddlesticks  Christmas Ornament Commission for Elle by ImperialFiddlesticks  Christmas Ornament Commission for Ingrid Part II by ImperialFiddlesticks  Christmas Ornament Commission for Ceci by ImperialFiddlesticks  Christmas Ornament Commission for Ingrid Part I by ImperialFiddlesticks  Jolly Christmas Ornament Hats Commission by ImperialFiddlesticks  Pink and Ivory Christmas Ornament Hats by ImperialFiddlesticks  Mini Mini Hat Christmas Ornament by ImperialFiddlesticks

On Etsy you can find three different listings for these kinds of hats right now,

A set of six golden ones, already made:…

A set of six Custom ones, Made to Order:…

And a listing for a single hat, also made to Order:…
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Every year I want to do something special for Halloween, but I never have the time. OR when I think about it, it’s already too late. This year, however, I am determined to do something so here it is!

Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium
Halloween Special Offer!

All orders, both ready-made and Custom, will have a 10% Discount until Halloween! This includes all hats, hair clips and bow ties, and whatever else you can think of that you would like me to make.  

Not only that, but the TWO first people to place an order will get that discount increased to 20%! 

This only applies to orders placed before October 31st!

The offer also applies to our Etsy shop, just use the code HALLOWEEN2014 during check-out.…

As well as updating my Gallery here with several new hats this week, I have also made sure to create more listings on Etsy. Sixteen new hat are avaliable for sale and the discount code will work for all of them. :)…

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As of today I'm having a Like-to-Win Giveaway on the Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium Facebook page! 

The Grand Prize is a Custom Made Mini Hat of your choice (of a value of up to 700SEK), but you can also win 20% and 10% off coupons on my Etsy shop.

For more info about how to Enter:

The Giveaway will end when the Imperial Fiddlesticks Facebook Page reaches a 1000 Likes, so feel free to share this with your friends. :) 

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Yes, 'tis true! I have FINALLY gotten around to listing a bunch of my hats on Etsy! It took me a while *cough* almost a year *cough* but there they are! Six of them! More will come as I find good boxes to ship them in and therefore can figure out shipping costs, but that shouldn't be too hard to do after Christmas. :) 

Anyway, as of right now these are the hats that are for Sale on Etsy: 

Abyssal Wonky Top Hat by ImperialFiddlesticks  Fille de la Foret Mini Boater Hat by ImperialFiddlesticks  Baronessa Mini Tricorn by ImperialFiddlesticks  Leprechaun's Topper by ImperialFiddlesticks  Royal Plunder Mini Tricorne by ImperialFiddlesticks  Marooned Mini Tricorne by ImperialFiddlesticks  Frozen Meadow Mini Wonky Top Hat by ImperialFiddlesticks

Go check them out! 

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