World of Warcraft Art Commissions

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Below are some examples of what I've done so far and I have decided to open up Commissions for similar things should anyone be interested!

If interested you can email me at:
Payment will be done through Paypal. 

Something like this could be at around $10.
No background, but customised to show your character's quirks.

Leonie Durand by ImperialFiddlesticks

A simpler edit like this one below with added background and atmosphere would be around $15.

The Blushing Bride by ImperialFiddlesticks 

More compicated things like these with a lot of added items, customized poses
and backgrounds will likely be more expensive and depend on how many hours go into it.

The Bookworm by ImperialFiddlesticks   The Depths of the Tomb by ImperialFiddlesticks  Team Work by ImperialFiddlesticks

Other examples of work I've done: 

Commission: Witch Hunt by ImperialFiddlesticks

The Copper Kettle by ImperialFiddlesticks

Commission: Magical Studies by ImperialFiddlesticks

Leo and Nadi in Uldum by ImperialFiddlesticks
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