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King and Queen of Hearts Halloween Costumes

Alright, first of all I'd like to say that this is a horrible picture and probably will go into scraps sooner or later. But since Robin and I probably won't be getting any better pictures of these outfits anytime soon I just wanted to show you guys what this year's Halloween project was. Mostly because I'm reeeeeally proud of it and don't want to let the months fly by before I can show it off here. ;)

My outfit is as follows:

All handmade by me. The bag was only added as a last thought since we were going to the Nocturnal Halloween Ball and I needed something to carry my cell phone and money in.

Robin's outfit consists of:
-Fanplusfriend Coat altered to remove the waistcoat and then decorated with hearts, epaulets, a medal and rose.
-White shirt with added ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves.
-Black trousers with red ribbons attached that run down the sides of the legs. (Not visible in the picture)
-Sash with hearts and cards. (Handmade by us.)
-Simple red cravat made by me.
-Cane and crown bought online and then altered, painted and decorated to suit the theme.

I really need to get some amazing pictures of these outfits at some point, as well as detail photos of the accessories, but that will have to wait for now.
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This isn't a horrible picture at all, I love how absolutely pretty you guys look in this photo :D Okay, the background could be slightly more thrilling but oh well xD Anyway: suuuuper nice dress you made, I love the textures and the colours so much ^^ (and absolutely love how your hair matches your dress too btw :heart:) The amount of detail you put into it is stunning :D
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Haha, awh thank you. :) Well, ideally I would like to have a photo in natural light, without the horrors of an automatic flash. ;) This was just taken quickly before we went to the party.

I'm very glad you like it! :D I'm sooo proud of myself for pulling this off in less than a month. XD
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Woah less than a month, from scratch to this :D? That's awesome ^^ Did you already have ideas for the design or was that something brandnew in that 'one month period' too :p? Because that would make it even more impressive :D

I especially love the jacket btw, the dark red is SUCH a gorgeous colour (is it satin?) and the black velvet matches it perfectly ^^ And like I said, the details like the stripy bows and the hearts are such a nice detail throughout the whole dress :p

And you're right actually, the outfits deserve a nicer picture :D Like a full blown photoshoot or something like that :D They're certainly special enough to pull that off :p
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I didn't have any ideas before that! In fact, I didn't even know we'd be dressing up until about a month before the party. So it's mostly improvised! XD

I think it's some sort of poly taffeta, in red and grey, that has been sewn together in a patch work and then it's been embossed with the velvet details. That fabric was already awesome in the store and I just had to have it.

Hehe good! That means I did a good job. All of the details were meant to bring the two outfits together.

Yes, they really do. Now I just need to find a time when my fella isn't absolutely busy with work so we can do it. >.>
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Woah that's some serious improvisation skills you got there =O Awesome you made this from scratch in a month :D

Haha yes I can imagine you liked it so much :D sometimes you just fall in love with a fabric and you muuuuust have it, when you're going all 'my preciousss' on it xD

Yeah you really succeeded in bringing the two outfits together, they go together perfectly ^^ So you're right, search for that perfect excuse and motivation to get him to do a photoshoot because the clothes are absolutely worth it :D