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A Dream of Sovngarde Mini Tricorne

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In case you didn't already know... I'm a total dork, hence the name. For some reason I just thought it was fitting X3 Don't ask me why.

At any rate....

Here is the Flagship of my Hat Armada. It's a lovely mini tricorne in pale blue and white decorated with a number of different things. Ribbons, feathers, freshwater pearls, chains, buttons, a cameo etc. Really, I think it's just easier to let the hat speak for itself. X3

I'm really proud of this. It's definitely my most awesome tricorne to date. I hope you will all like it too!

This hat is For Sale.
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This is very very pretty! <3
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Freaking gorgeous <3
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Thank you very much! :D
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That totally needs a matching Sisi dress :D
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I put together an outfit to match this particular hat last week for a photoshoot :3 I got the results today and it's SO gorgeous!
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Oh really? You should upload that :D I bet it's a lolita style outfit xD?
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I will! As soon as I get the all clear from the photographer :3 And that one is a Loli-type outfit yep :3 Then I have pics with my other new pirate hats as well and they have an outfit each with different styles.
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Haha already thought so :D It would either have been victorian meets lolita style or just lolita aaall the way :p And I already had a hunch it would be the last xD
Did you make the clothes yourself then? So cool to have a matching outfit with each hat :D
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Hehe the outfits have a bit of Lolita, a bit of Victorian, some Steampunk and some pirate inspiration ^^ I just uploaded all of the pics on the facebook page actually :3

I only made the white skirt that went along with A Dream of Sovngarde and that wasn't finished in time so we had to use safety pins to keep it together for the shoot XD The rest consists of stuff from my wardrobe and things I've borrowed from friends.
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Oohhh facebook page, really? shoooow me :D

Lol, well it looked good so shht don't tell and we won't know xD But what an awesome outfit, are you going to keep it yourself or maybe sell some of the matching stuff together with the hats? It looks sooo pretty :D
ImperialFiddlesticks's avatar
Yup ^^ [link] There are a lot more hats there too that I haven't had time to upload here yet.

It's all mine so I think I'mma keep it X3 Although it'd be fun to sell clothes to match the hats. Maybe later when I have more time and energy to sew XD The skirt in the picture isn't even finished
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It rather is, isn't it? :)
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:iconamgtouchplz: it's so pretty :D

actually, it reminds me a lot of alice in wonderland.
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Thank you so much! :D I'm glad you like it!
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no problem :3

the name's cool, too. :D
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