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Manfred von Richthofen AKA The Red Baron

Baron Manfred  von Richthofen ( 1892-1918) was Germany's top skilled ace pilot, he was known for his achievements of 80 credited victories he was both a hero and a propaganda tool for the German Cause , awarded with one the highest medals of the German Empire . the Pour le Meirte ( the Blue Max) in 1917. He was also known for flying a bright Red Fokker Dr-1 Triplane and Albatros DIII.

:Note: This historical Person will be seen in the my following story

METAL STORM:  One Sky, Endless Combat

a rather part II chapter of the first " The Price of a Mile" 

Fictional Story plot-


By 1917 Manfred von Richthofen was a famed German pilot ace and a recipient of the Pour le Mérite medal he soon commanded Jasta 11 along with his brother Lothar and Werner Voss.

The Main Protagonist, Heike Freindamentz, a young Austrian woman violinist who impersonated as a young male officer in the Austro Hungarian Military and after being rescued from the Russians, volunteered in the German Army under her mentor father-like commanding officer Herr Obesrt Franz Ludwig von Schneider along with his son Cornelius Schenk von Schneider. Both Flew with Richthofen during the years 1916 to 1918..... Cornelius wanted to be like the Baron, but worried Richthofen with a passion 

One day Cornelius shot down Samuel Robert Kasemeyer, a American Volunteer pilot of the Lafayette Escadrille and Richthofen wanted to ensure that the American prisoner will give up his ideas for the creation of newer planes. Samuel was a rather hard character to deal with and both Heike and Cornelius tried to communicate the American pilot. 

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He's like 
My favorite ace from history 
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One of my favorite war-heroes in history - I love his whole doctrine of sportsmanship in battle.
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Indeed, I dare say well done, sir.
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im actually doing a term paper on world war one right now XD
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Der rote Baron... wonderful!
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Indeed and thank you 

If interested in WWI here is a Historical Fictional story I Began Writing…
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Can you do a picture of the greatest ace in history, WWII ace Erich Harmann?
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I could I just need a Good Quality picture  Reference of him. 
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What a great picture, honour to the red baron!!
yep  my idol :D love richthoven   the best pilot ever
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Indeed he is the best :D 
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A bit shorter, with a bit more weight and this would be closer to Manfred. Manfred was only 5'8" and about 150-160 pounds. His younger brother, Lothar, was 6'2" and thinner, more angular, with dirty blond hair and bronze eyes.

Manfred was only serious to people he did not know. To friends and family, he was warm, kind and even puckish at times, pulling pranks. His brother was worse (and Lothar was the better flier, if you take into account Lothar was only in the air for 77 days to get his 40 "kills" whereas Manfred was in the air much longer to get his 80.)

Be interesting to see where you go with him in the comic.
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Now we're talking!

Note: The underlay of the shoulder boards must be white. The rest ist absolutely perfect!!
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i did a biography on this guy in 4th grade, i had to explain to my teach that he wasnt a nazi
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Your teacher though he was a Nazi.....How Funny. 
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