A list of musically visual references to G/t

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Deviation Actions

In regards to this journal, this is a catalog of musical artists, songs, and videos with some relation or inspiration to G/t: giants, tinies, and their possible interactions. If you would like to add to the list, please comment below or note me, if you'd rather be private. 

Preferably, list your selection in a format similar to:
"Song Name", Artist Name, Album Name (if applicable), [link to official or fan-made video, if possible].
You can add country/region of origin, too, and other comments (like music genre), if you believe it necessary.

**NOTE: Because the videos in this list are meant to be collective finds, they will be left unspecified to specific people. However, the inspirations are personal, so be sure to see the deviants' comments below for more information on why they chose such songs, music, groups, etc.... or just please yourself with guessing why.**

Music Have fun, and let's jam! Share to all that may be interested, if you'd like. Music 


        Music and Musicians with a Lyrical or Symbolic G/t Feel (see comments below :)

    • They Might Be Giants (band/group) (as suggested by a-gingers-soul)
    • Tiny-G (group)
    • "Little Wonders", Rob Thomas, [link] (as suggested by Ah-Mold
    • "Rise Up", Beyoncé, [link] 
    • "Jack and the Giant", A Love Like Pi [link] 
    • "When I Grow Up", The Pussycat Dolls, [link] 
    • "Jump On My Shoulders", AWOLNATION, [link] (as suggested by nightmares06)
    • The Tallest Man on Earth (musician)
    • "Wake The Giant", Tommy Trash featuring JHart, [link] 
    • "Grow Till Tall", Jónsi, [link] (as suggested by Omyrah)
    • "Cecilia and the Satellite", Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, [link] (as suggested by heartstores
    • "We Are Giants", Lindsey Stirling featuring Dia Frampton, [link] (as suggested by finn1215)
    • "Troublemaker", Grizfolk, [link]
    • "Monster", EXO, [link] **NOTE: Expect Korean.
    • "All Alone", fun., [link] (as suggested by nightmares06
    • "Smaller", Ashbury Heights, Three Cheers For The Newlydeads[link] (as suggested by TinyFeatherpants
    • "Ten Feet Tall", Afrojack featuring Wrabel, Forget the World, [link] 
    • "Giant", Matrimony, [link] (from TheGhostWritersCurse)
    • "Giant", SKAN, [link] 
    • "Jättiläinen" ("The Mine"), Zen Café, [link] (as suggested by TerritorialRain) **NOTE: expect Finnish. 
    • "Giant", State of Mind, [link] 
    • "Running With Giants", Thousand Foot Krutch, [link] (as suggested by Luvanna)
    • "Passing Through the Fire: A Suite - Movement I, Part I", composed by (and suggested by) CDupre[link] - instrumental score for her G/t-themed story of the same name: Passing through the Fire Prologue Part 1.
    • "Waking Up the Giants", Grizfolk, Waking Up the Giants[link] (as suggested by Ice-Cove27
    • "Horizon", Luna Blake, [link] (as suggested by AadaIronwood)
    • "Giants", Take That, [link] (as suggested by MentalcaseVole
    • "the killing of a giant", foxwedding, [link] 
    • "Giant", Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man, [link] 
    • "Candlelight", Relient K, Forget and Not Slow Down, [link] (as suggested by heartstores)
    • "Sight of You", Sigrid, Sucker Punch[link] (as suggested by Water-Prism)
    • "Marionette", Flyleaf, Between the Stars[link] (as suggested by @chiisanakurisu
    • "Microphilia", Kogenman, [link] 
    • "Circles of Mania", Coil, Horse Rotovator, [link] (as suggested by Gorrister) **NOTE: mentions of vore and violence
    • "The Collector", Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth[link] (as suggested by Gorrister) **NOTE: implications of core
    • "I Am Colossus", Meshuggah, Koloss, [link] (as suggested by Gorrister) **NOTE: mentions of vore, submission, and violence
    • "Growing Again", Insane Clown Posse, The Tempest, [link] (as suggested by Gorrister) **NOTE: growth extends to Giga/Tera/cosmic size, so...
    • "A Pearl", Mitski, [link] (as suggested by SileneAcaulis)
    • "Giant", YUQI from (G)I-DLE, [link]

     Music Videos and Visual Performances with G/t Themes for Not Necessarily G/t-themed Songs:
    • "A Ballet", Sébastien Tellier, Domesticated, [link]
    • "A Girl I Used to Know", Danny Wilson, [link]
    • "ABCDEFG", Alison Gold, [link] 
    • "AD Milk", Higher Brothers x HARIKIRI, Type-3[link] **NOTE: Mandarin (?) lyrics
    • "Ai Ai Ai", Alan Kuo, [link] **NOTE: Mandarin (?) lyrics.
    • "Ako Se Ne Vidimo" ("If You Do Not See Me"), Lexington, [link] **NOTE: Croatian (?) lyrics
    • "All Around the World (la la la la la la la la)", ATC, [link] 
    • "All Day Originals (Noize MC Remix)"^, Run-DMC and A-Trak, [link] **NOTE: Russian lyrics
    • "All the Stars", Kendrick Lamar featuring SZA, Black Panther the Album, [link]
    • "America", Last Days of April, Gooey[link]
    • "Aniversari" ("Anniversary/Birthday"), Manel, [link] **NOTE: Catalan lyrics
    • "Another Place', Bastille and Alessia Cara, Doom Days (This Got Out of Hand Edition), [link]
    • "Another You", Breakbot featuring Ruckazoid, [link]
    • "Apple is A", T-ara, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics. 
    • "April Story", April, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics.
    • "Arcadia", Hardwell & Joey Dale featuring Luciana, [link] 
    • "Are You the Right Man", Jueles, [link] 
    • "astrology", bbno$, [link]
    • "BabyWipe", Ski Mask the Slump God, [link]
    • "Bathtub (浴缸)", Masiwei, [link] **NOTE: Mandarin (?) lyrics
    • "Better When You're High", Wax featuring Krysta Youngs, [link]
    • "Стану первой" ("Be the First"), Женя Рассказова (Zhenya Rasskazova), [link] **NOTE: Russian lyrics 
    • "Beau comme un garçon" ("Handsome like a boy"), Clarika, [link] **NOTE: Contains French lyrics
    • "Красивые и богатые" ("Beautiful and Rich"), Евгения Власова (Eugenia Vlasova), [link] **NOTE: Ukrainian or Russian lyrics
    • "Big Enough", Kirin J. Callinan featuring Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, and Jimmy Barnes, [link] 
    • "Big Plans", Why Don't We, [link]
    • "Birthday", Disclosure, Kehlani, and Syd, [link]
    • "Blame It On Your Heart", Claudia Buckley, [link]
    • "Blast Off", David Guetta and Kaz James, [link] **NOTE: just a lyric video with destruction
    • "Booty", Blac Youngsta, [link] **NOTE: it's a giantess strip club, so...
    • "Boss of Me", They Might Be Giants, Mink Car[link] **NOTE: contains violence and hard vore... sort of.
    • "Boys & Girls", Stereolizza, [link]
    • "Broken" [live visual], Gorillaz, [link]
    • "Bubble Butt", Major Lazer featuring Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Mystic, Free the Universe, [link] **NOTE: a lot of promiscuity
    • "Bye Bye Bye", 'Nsync, [link]
    • "California Gurls", Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, Teenage Dream[link]
    • "Cangote" ("Neck"), Céu, [link] **NOTE: (Brazilian) Portuguese lyrics.
    • "Carry On", Bayside, [link] **NOTE: "box" crushing at end
    • "Catallena", Orange Caramel, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "Chained to the Rhythm", Katy Perry, [link] **NOTE: this is just a lyric video.
    • "Chococo", Gugudan, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "City Zoo"【摩天動物園】, G.E.M. (鄧紫棋), [link] **NOTE: Mandarin lyrics
    • "Coeur Sacré" ("Sacred Heart"), Thierry Amiel, [link] **NOTE: French lyrics.
    • "Coffin Dance", AJJ, Christmas Island[link]
    • "COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~", JEJUNG & YUCHUN(from 東方神起)(aka Jaejoong and Yoochun of JYJ), COLORS~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter[link] **NOTE: Japanese lyrics (I think)
    • "Come to Mama", Calista Kazuko, EMPRESS, [link]
    • "Запутался" ("Confused"), Артур Пирожков (Arthur Pirozhkov), [link] **NOTE: Russiian lyrics
    • "Crash", Usher, [link] 
    • "Cross My Heart", Melody's Echo Chamber, Bon Voyage[link] **NOTE: some French lyrics
    • "Crybaby", Megan Thee Stallion featuring DaBaby, Good News[link] **NOTE: some promiscuity
    • "Danger Zone", Psychostick, [link]
    • "Dansha-ISM (Disposal-ISM)"『断捨ISM』, Camellia Factory aka Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー)[link] **NOTE: Japanese lyrics
    • "Das Beste" (The Best"), Diane Weigmann, [link] **NOTE: German lyrics
    • "Daydream (백일몽)", J-Hope, Hope World, [link]
    • "Deathless", Ibeyi, Ash, [link]
    • "Desert", Emilie Simon, [link]
    • "Ding Dong", Hitchhiker, [link] 
    • "Do Ya Thing", Gorillaz, [link]
    • "Dollhouse", Melanie Martinez, Dollhouse EP / the album Cry Baby[link]
    • "Dollhouse", Priscilla Renea, [link]
    • "Doin' Time", Lana Del Rey, [link]
    • "Don't Come Around Here No More", Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, [link] 
    • "Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)", Regina Spektor, Remember Us to Life, [link] **NOTE: Some French lyrics
    • "Dream On", Amy MacDonald, [link]
    • "Duele" ("It Hurts/Aches/etc."), Bomba Estéreo, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "덤앤더머 (DUMB & DUMBER)", iKON, DUMB & DUMBER, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "Egg and Soldiers", Cosmo Sheldrake, [link] **NOTE: Some vore
    • "Elf", Gorilladisco, [link] **NOTE: German lyrics (I think)
    • "El Cachito" ("The Little Chub), Kola Loka, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "Es Por Ti" ("It's/Is For You"), Juanes, Un Día Normal[link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "Everything is Everything", Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill[link]
    • "Everywhere", John Dahlback, [link]
    • "Fierbinte", Alb Negru featuring Andra, [link] **NOTE: Romanian lyrics
    • "Fifth Avenue", Walk Off The Earth, [link]
    • "Fill My Little World", The Feeling, [link] 
    • "Fishing for Fishies", King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, [link]
    • "French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche)", Inna Modja, [link], **NOTE: French lyrics
    • 「お化けだぞっておどかして」("Gauntly Wonder" / 'Gaunted Wonderland"), め組 (Megumi), 僕だってちゃんとしたかった人達へ (To Those Who Wanted Me to Be Right), [link] **NOTE: Japanese lyrics
    • "Geronimo (International Version)", Sheppard, Bombs Away, [link]
    • "Giant", Eme DJ featuring Nimio, [link]
    • "Giant", Rafael Casal, The Monster EP, [link] 
    • "Gigant (Giant)", Kita, [link] **NOTE: Polish lyrics
    • "Giving You Up", Kylie Minogue, [link]
    • "God is a woman", Ariana Grande, [link]
    • "Going Down", Watsky, [link] **NOTE: the song is literally about sex, so...
    • "Good Grief", Bastille, [link] **NOTE/FYI: there's a more nudity-filled version of the video elsewhere
    • "굿바이 (Good-Bye)", PMS[link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "Grande Allée" ("Grand Alley"), Ben Rusty, [link] **NOTE: (Canadian) French lyrics
    • "Gulliver and Lilliput" ("Гулливер и Лилипут"), Back Flips (Сальто Назад), [link] **NOTE: Russian lyrics
    • "Heart of Glass", Skin Diary, [link] **NOTE: city destruction
    • "Hej mala opala" ("Hey small opal"), Werner and Brigita Šuler, [link] **NOTE: Slovenian (I think) lyrics.
    • "Héros de la ville" ("City Hero"), The Pirouettes, Monopolis, [link]
    • "Hey Mama", David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, and Afrojack, lyric video: [link]official video: [link]
    • "Hey, Bus Driver!", Tami Neilson, CHICKABOOM!, [link]
    • "Holiday", Lil Nas X, [link] 
    • "Hopeless Romantic", Wiz Khalifa featuring Swae Lee, Rolling Papers 2[link] **NOTE: naked giantesses
    • "hot girl bummer", blackbear, [link]
    • "human behaviour", björk, [link]
    • "Humongous", Declan McKenna, [link]
    • "형 (Hyung)", Dumbfoundead 덤파운데드 (Feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK), [link] **NOTE: some Korean lyrics
    • "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On", Cherrelle, [link] 
    • "I Like Giants", Kimya Dawson, [link]
    • "I Love You But I Don't Like You", Right Said Fred, [link]
    • "Icky", They Might Be Giants, Nanobots, [link] **NOTE: Contains rampaging and vote.
    • "In the Morning", Nao, [link]
    • "In This World", Moby, [link]
    • "Interior", Emilio Rúa, [link], **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "Irresistible", Fall Out Boy featuring Demi Lovato, [link] 
    • "It's Gonna Be Me", *NSYNC  [link]
    • "Jet Satisfaction", Guitar Wolf, [link] **NOTE: Japanese lyrics
    • "Just Right", GOT7, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics.
    • "Keep a Lid on Things", Crash Test Dummies, Give Yourself a Hand[link] 
    • "Khoshgeleh" ("Beautiful"), Afshin, [link] **NOTE: Possibly Arabic or maybe Nyanja lyrics
    • "Khotot El Homr" ("Red Lines" possibly?), Ameera, [link] **NOTE: Arabic (I think) lyrics.
    • "King Kong Love", Mr Complex, [link]
    • "Kiss Me More", Doja Cat featuring SZA, Planet Her[link] **NOTE: Some promiscuity
    • "Kitty Kat", Beyoncé, B-Day[link]
    • "Kool", Benee, Hey u, x[link]
    • "L'Homme A La Peau Musicale" ("The Man with the Musical Skin"), Daphné, [link] **NOTE: French lyrics
    • "La Jeepeta" ("The Jeep" [?]), Nio Garcia, Brray, and Juanka, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics and some promiscuity
    • "La Playa" ("The Beach"), La Oreja de Van Gogh (The Ear of Van Gogh), [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "ลิฟท์-ออย (Lift-Oil)", ดูมั้ย (Du Mai), ZOO - A - HA, [link] **NOTE: Thai lyrics
    • "Lightning Strikes", OZZY OSBOURNE, [link]
    • "Look But Don't Touch", Polyphia, [link] **NOTE: rampaging and whatnot
    • "LOVE", Gianluca Vacchi and Sebastián Yatra, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "Love Song", Sara Bareilles, Little Voice, [link]
    • "MAC & CHEESE," REI AMI, [link]
    • "Mad About You", Hooverphonic, [link] 
    • "Mad Hatter", Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby, [link] 
    • "Make It Better (Forget About Me)", Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, [link]
    • "Maneater", Eric Zayne, [link]
    • "Manijak" ("Maniac"), Moda Band, [link] **NOTE: promiscuous giantesses and Croatian/Bosnian lyrics, I think? 
    • "Manzana" ("Apple"), Los Prisoneros, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "Me N Yer Girl", Phunk Junkeez, [link]
    • "Me olvidé de ti" ("I Forgot You"), Los Retrovisores[link] **NOTE: Contains vore.
    • "Mehr als Perfekt" ("More Than Perfect"), Christina Stürmer, In dieser Stadt, [link] **NOTE: German lyrics
    • "Minimanimo", Tiny-G, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics.
    • "Miserable", Lit, [link]
    • "MOJA ŠTIKLA" ("My Heels"), Severina, [link] **NOTE: Croatian lyrics
    • "Monsieur Bibendum" ("Mr. Bibendum"), Tyro, [link] **NOTE: French(?) lyrics, and a "smash" at the end
    • "More Than a Woman", Aaliyah, [link]
    • "My Size", Hands Off Gretel, [link]
    • "My Toy", Breakbot, [link]
    • "Mystic Woman, BROOKLYNN, [link]
    • "New York, New York", Tha Dogg Pound featuring Snoop Dogg, [link] 
    • "No Chance", Jarami, Sketches II, [link] **NOTE: an implied crush and a cartoonish crush of a living lettuce leaf at the end... I'm serious.
    • "Нет монет" ("No Money"), Монеточка (Monetochka), [link] **NOTE: Russian lyrics and an animated car crush
    • "No New Friends", LSD (Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo), Labrinth, Sia & Diplo present... LSD, [link]
    • "No Reason", Bonobo featuring Nick Murphy, [link]
    • "Obey", Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD, [link]
    • "Oh Hell Yeah", H-Blockx featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, [link]
    • "Oh Shit", Chief Scout, [link]
    • "One Minute More", Capital Cities, [link]
    • "Out of Sight", Run the Jewels featuring 2 Chainz, [link]
    • "Outside with the Cuties", Frankie Cosmos, Next Thing, [link]
    • "Panic", Lucie, [link] **NOTE: contains vore
    • "Past Life," Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez, [link]
    • "Perto de Mim" ("Close to Me"), Thaeme & Thiago, Perto de Mim[link] **NOTE: Portuguese lyrics
    • "Picky", ちゃんみな (CHANMINA), [link] **NOTE: Some Japanese lyrics
    • "Pillow Talking", Lil Dicky, [link] 
    • "Pizza Girl", Jonas Brothers, [link] 
    • "Polly Pocket", Daniela Andrade, [link]
    • "Pour Some Sugar on Me", Ninja Sex Party, [link]
    • "Празна поща" ("Prazna Poshta"), Анимационерите (Animacionerite), [link] **NOTE: Bulgarian lyrics
    • "예뻐 예뻐" ("Pretty Pretty"), LADIES' CODE, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "Punish My Love", Delta Heavy, [link] **NOTE: stereotypical giant monster stuff a la Godzilla
    • "Quicksand", La Roux, La Roux[link]
    • "Rain On Me", Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Chromatica, [link]
    • "Rampage", EpicLLOYD, [link] **NOTE: somewhat stereotypical giant stuff
    • "Rhinestone Eyes", Gorillaz, [link]
    • "Risin' High", H-Blockx, [link] 
    • "Roche" ("Rock"), Sébastien Tellier, Sexuality[link] **NOTE: Contains French lyrics
    • "Rocket", Tissa Kapukotuwa, [link] **NOTE: Possibly Tagalog lyrics?
    • "Rookie", Red Velvet, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics. 
    • "Ruby", Kaiser Chiefs, [link]
    • 「さいごまで」("Saigomade"; Lastly / To the Last), イトヲカシ (Itowokashi), [link] **NOTE: Japanese lyrics
    • "Say What You Want", Barenaked Ladies, [link]
    • "She Will Have Her Way", Neil Finn, [link]
    • "(빛이 나) Shinin'", Jonghyun (종현), [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "Shock Horror", Shy Luv and JONES, [link] 
    • "Sick of Being Honest", MILKBLOOD, VOID EP, [link]
    • "Small Town Crew", The Brunettes, [link]
    • "Soaked", Killjoys, [link]
    • "Sonne" ("Sun"), Rammstein, [link] **NOTE: German lyrics and a heavy Snow White reference
    • "So Fresh, So Clean", OutKast, [link] 
    • "Весна" ("Spring"), Наталья Могилевская (Natalya Mogilevskaya), [link] **NOTE: Russian lyrics
    • "Summertime", Bridgit Mendler, [link] 
    • "Surf", Tommy Cash, [link] **NOTE: suggestive material. 
    • "Swamp Thing", Pegboard Nerds, [link]
    • "Sweet Escape", Alesso featuring Sirena, [link]
    • "Suddenly I See", KT Turnstall, [link]
    • "Tanto Tanto Tanto" ("So Much"), Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini, [link] **NOTE: Italian lyrics
    • "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)", Sheena Easton, [link]
    • "Teum (틈)" ("Time/Break/Aperture/etc."), Uhm Jung Hwa 엄정화, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "That Green Gentleman", Panic! At The Disco, [link]
    • "The Bakery", Melanie Martinez, After School EP, [link] **NOTE: Technically, there's crush, gore, and vore... Crybaby becomes a cookie, okay?
    • "The Lost Chord", Gorillaz featuring Leee John, Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez[link] **NOTE: destruction
    • "The Man", Taylor Swift, Lover, [link] **NOTE: This is just a lyric video.
    • "The Purge", Hopsin, [link]  
    • "The Real (진짜가 나타났다)", N.Flying (엔플라잉), N.Flying 2nd Mini Album [THE REAL : N.Flying][link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "This Kiss", Faith Hill, [link]
    • "Thumbalina", Coleman Hell, [link] 
    • "Tick Tick Boom", The Hives, [link]
    • "Tinkerbell", April, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "Tiny Japanese Girl", Savlonic, [link] 
    • "Tip on It", Sean Paul & Major Lazer, [link], **NOTE: there's some promiscuity.
    • "Todavía Te Quiero" ("Still I Love You"), Thalia featuring De La Ghetto, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "Trigger Happy Jack", Poe, [link]
    • "Two Weeks", FKA Twigs, [link]
    • "Up&Up", Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams[link] 
    • "Uprising", Muse, The Resistance, [link]
    • "Verde" ("Green"), J Balvin and Sky, [link] **NOTE: Spanish lyrics
    • "หวาน" ("Waan / Sweet"), CELLs, [link] **NOTE: Thai (?) lyrics
    • "Walking", Joji and Jackson Wang featuring Swae Lee and Major Lazer, Head In The Clouds II, [link]
    • "Walking in the Snow", Run the Jewels, RTJ4[link]
    • "Walking on Air", Kerli, [link] 
    • "Wasted", Margaret, [link] 
    • "We are Pop", Musica Per Organi Caldi, [link] **NOTE: Italian lyrics
    • "What Lovers Do", Maroon 5 featuring SZA, [link]
    • "What Makes a Girl Fierce", Fierce Girl, [link]
    • "What You Waiting For", Gwen Stefani, [link] 
    • "Whistle", Blackpink, [link] **NOTE: Korean lyrics
    • "White Flag", Delta Heavy, [link]
    • "Wishful Thinking", The Ditty Bops, [link]
    • "WITH YOU", Twopee Southside featuring Jay Park, [link] **NOTE: Korean and Thai lyrics
    • "World Looking In", Morcheeba, [link]
    • "Writing On The Wall", French Montana featuring Post Malone, Cardi B, and Rvssian, [link]
    • "WWDBEST", でんぱ組.inc (Dempagumi.inc), [link] **NOTE: Japanese lyrics
    • "You and Me (In My Pocket)", Milow, North and South [link] 
    • "You Come First", Zak Abel featuring Saweetie, [link]
    • "You Might Think", The Cars, [link]
    • "Your Story", Chip featuring One Acen, [link]

    Other Short-Form, G/t-themed Videos With a Focus on its Music:

    • "Stay the Night" by James Blunt is featured in a brief promo for the Filipino show Dwarfina. [link] 
    • "N*ggas in Paris" by Jay-Z and Kanye West on Watch the Throne is the center of this French lip-syncing production, [link]
    • "Wildstyle" by Savant is featured in "Kittens on the Beat", a Corridor Digital production, [link]  **NOTE: Contains kittens. Be warned.
    • [link] Featured music by Dead Fader. While the music in this production by Motomichi Nakamura is untitled, it is an electronic, techno, possibly chiptune piece that complements the imaging based on Japanese folklore.
    • "Living in the Sunlight, Lovin in the Moonlight" (yes, that one background song from Spongebob that everyone's heard - although the song is from 1968) is used in this Layzell Bros production featuring Adam Buxton. [link]  **NOTE: This could possibly be comparable to a drug trip. I wouldn't know, but this video is something else.
    • [link] A song called "I'm Not Coming In Anymore" is featured in the Ed, Edd, and Eddy-based Cartoon Network Groovies clip/episode called "Incredible Shrinking Day." **NOTE: While fans have believed that the song was performed by They Might Be Giants, the group has denied such claims. However, some have claimed the production of the song to belong to Stuart Hill.
    • [link] In the wave of the Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" memes, Dave Days produced a song in his honor? I'm not sure what to call it, but I'm sure it's just for fun. Nevertheless, there's a tiny green screen Shia action that made me chuckle.
    • "Around Us" by Jónsi ([link]) is featured in this Secret World of Arrietty trailer, [link].
    • Land of the Giants themes: Season 1 ([link]), Season 2 ([link]) **NOTE: Whereas the music video for "Boss of Me", the Malcolm in the Middle theme is placed in the above category, these theme songs are not their own entities to have been used for other, unrelated projects, i.e. they can't hold up just by themselves and need context. 
    • Two short films: lowercase [link] and its later rework Microcosm [link] feature little to no dialogue and somewhat ambient music - the former using "Bleed" by Deadmau5, specifically.
    • ^The "All Day Originals" remix video features Noize MC as a giant, but he is just the remixer of and is additional content to an Adidas commercial for a line of shoes by (the animated giant group) Run-DMC and A-Trak featuring their song "Unite All Originals". Here's the uncut commercial on Vimeo. [link]
    • An ad for the album La Bella Vita by Niia contains her with a tiny man. [link] **NOTE: there's an attempted crush and vore.
    • "Rhinestone Eyes" by Gorillaz from the album Plastic Beach is featured in a fan-made music video made by Richard Van As (and his helpers), taking over six years! [link]
    • Tina Key's cover of "Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado" by Jon Bon Jovi has some excellent visuals, which makes sense if you see what the production company is working on. ;) [link]
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SileneAcaulis's avatar

This is such an awesome idea!!! 🥰 After making my way through some of the songs on your list, I put together a list of musicians I listen who made g/t / g/t-adjacent music videos:

1) "Humongous" by Declan McKenna (the realization that despite any feelings of grandiosity stemming from success/achievements you remain small in the scope of the universe) https://youtu.be/YzMaDCAaVyw

2) "A Pearl" by Mitski (not explicitly g/t, but the aesthetic of the mv is pointedly small; watching it feels like 1st person borrower pov + the animation is incredible!) https://youtu.be/p8FDl_tMs4Y

3) "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat (ft. SZA) (explicit g/t, explicit sexual elements, beautiful mv) https://youtu.be/0EVVKs6DQLo

4) "Egg and Soldiers" by Cosmo Sheldrake (awesome animation, vore (?) -- so long as you count eating a humanoid egg vore) https://youtu.be/hJ0c_M8PDXY

Imperial-Radiance's avatar

Thanks for the compliment, and thank you further for your finds. I'll add them as soon as I can. :)

SileneAcaulis's avatar

I've kept this page in mind and wrote down a few more songs when I came across them:

1) "Tom Thumb" by Bitter Ruin (g/t lyrics as symbolism, no m/v; "Tom Thumb you're only hurting yourself now / You're powerless and I tower over..." https://youtu.be/SR6IRTp4ZNI

2) "Reckless" by Madison Beer (g/t m/v) https://youtu.be/Ps4MuWN0rxM

Imperial-Radiance's avatar

Thanks for the new additions! I'll make sure to save them for the next update. :)

bobascher's avatar

thank you for compiling this!

tp32's avatar

Great list.

Imperial-Radiance's avatar
tp32's avatar
chiisanakurisu's avatar
One more! La Playa by La Oreja de Van Gogh. It used to be one of my favorite songs when I was a child, and didn't remember the music video had Gt references :love:
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
Thanks for the find!
chiisanakurisu's avatar
Marionette by Flyleaf
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
Thanks for the suggestion; I'll add a link shortly. :)
Water-Prism's avatar
Sight of You by Sigrid gives me some g/t vibes, especially the line "And I'll be damned if I ever forget, just how lucky I am to be close to you when I need it the most,can you hold me if I wanna leave"?. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEBfQL…
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
Very interesting. I've come across Sigrid's work in the past, including not too long ago, but I hadn't heard this. Though, maybe that's because this is from the new album.

Thanks for the find!
heartstores's avatar
Candlelight by Reliant K has always given me such vibes! I love the references to moths and such in it. And the first lines especially make me think of a guy with a crush on a fairy or something! :)
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
That's cute. Thanks for the find! :D
KitnUnderfoot's avatar
"Geronimo (International Version)", Sheppard, www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozsmSl…
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
Thanks for the find! :)
GiantFeelings's avatar
"Tanto tanto" by Jovanotti is a full gt music video!! youtu.be/HRVVOZ_NRX0
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
Holy shit, that was the video I was looking for! Thank you!
MentalcaseVole's avatar
Is "Dream On" by Amy Macdonald up there?? Sorry if it already is but her video is really sweet www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcklCA… <3 
Imperial-Radiance's avatar
No, you're good. It's not up there, but it will be. Thanks for the find! 😊
MentalcaseVole's avatar
You’re very welcome!
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