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Mandalorian Uprising pt 12“Our armored assets will participate in the attack on Sundari.” Aira-ty said firmly. “What about the Mand'alor?” Bo-Katan asked dubiously. “You expect him to go in unsupported?” “He'll have the Rebel star destroyer in close support.” Aira-ty answered. “That should be good enough.” “We should still assign more forces to assist him.” Bo-Katan continued, looking around at the rest of the assembled group. “The Mand'alor cannot be allowed to attack on his own.” Aira-ty sighed in annoyance and turned to look at Bo-Katan. “Very well, in addition to the Mand'alor and his Protectors, you and your Nite Owls will go with them to provide support.” Bo-Katan opened her mouth to protest and then closed it again promptly, bowing her head slightly. “The Nite Owls will be honored to safeguard the Mand'alor.” “I thought as much.” Aira-ty said with a look around the holomap of the City of Bone and Sundari before them. “The bulk of our forces will be at Sundari. The City of Bone is going to be the business of the Mand'alor and the Alliance.” “I still don't like this.” Sabine said nervously, looking around at the older combat veterans. “The people will wonder where the Mand'alor is. After all, he's the one who called the people to fight.” “Yes.” Bo-Katan said with a glare at Aira-ty. “Where is your riduur? He said he'd have a solution to this in two hours.” “And it isn't yet two hours.” Aira-ty replied tersely as she looked across the map at Fenn. “Is there anything more specific you want to go over Mand'alor?” Fenn shook his head, examining the City of Bone with its turreted turbolaser towers and heavily fortified walls. “Ordinarily I'd be arguing alongside Bo-Katan for more of that heavy armor, however in this case with a star destroyer in close support I don't see how we're going to have much issue. The Imperials are going to have a lot more to worry about than a few companies of Mandalorians charging their defenses.” “It's those defenses that worry me.” Bo-Katan said with a glower at Aira-ty. “What makes you so sure that the Rebel star destroyer will be able to strike those turrets?” “It's a Victory-class star destroyer.” Aira-ty answered. “This is what they were designed to do. Believe me I know, I saw them in action during the Clone Wars. Provided the Rebel gunners aren't osik, they'll tear those defenses to pieces. A garrison base, even an Imperial one, isn't designed to defend against that kind of direct firepower.” “Let's hope you're right.” Bo-Katan said grimly. “They've lasted this long.” “They've lasted this long because we've allowed them to.” Fenn said definitively. “That ends now. It ended the night they killed one of our goran.” “Mand'alor, we've got an incoming ship.” a sensor tech called out. “It's the Sleek Blade.” “Right on time.” Fenn said with a knowing look at Aira-ty who nodded. “Let's go see what he's come up with.” Leaving the command tent they walked to the starship landing area as the Sleek Blade touched down and waited for Kahan to descend the craft's boarding ramp. When he didn't Aira-ty frowned and reached out to him. Coming out? You need to come aboard the Blade. Kahan replied. Bring the others. Aira-ty took a breath, wondering what her husband was up to as she turned to the others. “He says we need to go aboard.” “What is your riduur scheming?” Bo-Katan asked suspiciously. “And why can't he simply come down and show us?” “He has my trust.” Fenn said simply as he walked forwards and up the ramp. “If he says we need to see this privately then I believe him.” Following the Mand'alor up the ramp Aira-ty felt a sting of annoyance at so many people walking aboard her ship. Still, this wasn't the time to fret over that. Time was of the essence and she trusted Kahan to know the limits of what she'd tolerate and she could tolerate this. Ascending the ramp they entered into the main corridor of the Sleek Blade and found Fenn Shysa gazing back at them. More specifically someone wearing his armor. The Mand'alor had stopped and was now gazing at a set of matching green armor to his own. It , was a perfect copy, including helmet and all his kit, the dual pistols he wore on his thighs, jetpack, and even the blaster gauntlets on his forearms and hands. It was an exact replica of the Mand'alor's armor in every way. “Kahan?” Fenn asked in surprise. The armored copycat nodded, stepping forwards and bowing his head. “My Mand'alor.” Aira-ty jumped, the voice wasn't Kahan's. It was Fenn's. “You have a copy of my armor just ready to go?” “No.” Kahan said, his voice not only muffled by the helmet but no longer his own. “This is why I needed two hours. I had to modify a set of armor to match your own.” he held up the blaster gauntlets. “The weapons were simple, however the voice modulator in the helmet and the armor aesthetics required more work.” “This is your solution?” Bo-Katan snarled. “What outrage are you committing? You intend to impersonate the Mand'alor?” “If the people need to see their Mand'alor liberating Sundari,” Kahan answered simply. “Then they shall.” his helmet turned to look back at Fenn. “With your permission my Mand'alor.” Fenn seemed to consider for a moment, his brow furrowed before he sighed and nodded. “Duumyc.” “Vor entye.” Kahan replied, the voice modulator emulated Fenn's voice but couldn't quite hide his accent Aira-ty noticed. However his accent wasn't her concern as she walked up past the others and reached up to touch his helmeted face. “Me'vaar ti gar?” “Naas.” he replied, the gentleness of his words contrasting with Fenn's voice. She glared at him, grabbing the underside of the helmet and pulling his faceplate down to eye level. “Jehaat.” she hissed. He paused, and then she felt his mind touch hers. He was terrified, as she knew he would be. He'd never overcome his claustrophobia. She still remembered when she'd first learned of it all those years ago during the Clone Wars. A harmless prank with a trooper helmet had almost resulted in him attacking her. This is not acceptable. Aira-ty snarled across their link. This is too much to ask. I can do it. he replied grimly. I must do it. I cannot guarantee any illusions will work. If I am incapacitated or otherwise unable to maintain the illusion during the fighting then everyone will realize that their Mand'alor is not there. He must be seen. Aira-ty's expression twisted bitterly in frustration. I do not forgive you for this Jetii. she warned him. This is not okay Kahan, you are not okay. I know. Kahan replied. But I can do this. For our daughter. The conversation happened in the span of seconds as Aira-ty released the helmet he wore and turned to look back at Fenn. Her expression was a torrent of emotion as she spoke firmly to him. “If he does this,” she said. “You never ask him for anything ever again.” Fenn seemed slightly taken aback by her tone but simply nodded. “You do not decide what the Mand'alor asks.” Bo-Katan snapped. “You should know your place!” “I'll show you yours aruetii.” Aira-ty snarled back at her. “He is my riduur and I care for him more than any allegiance to Fenn.” her golden eyes flashed maliciously. “You of all people should understand what it is like to care about someone so much that you'd betray everything.” Bo-Katan's anger faltered for a moment and she quieted, looking away from Aira-ty and towards Fenn. “Are you truly allowing this Mand'alor?” “Yes.” Fenn answered. “One of our goran has gone to great effort to solve our dilemma. I'd wager it would be a grave insult to decline his work.” Kahan bowed his head gratefully. “Vor entye Mand'alor.” “Nayc, vor entye Goran Kahan.” With the matter of Kahan impersonating the Mand'alor settled the group returned to the command tent. Sabine was surprised to see that the moment they stepped off the ship that the Goran's armor returned to what it had been, his usual black and teal armor replacing the emerald green of Fenn's. The only trace of the Mand'alor's armor was the helm clipped to his hip. Not wanting to step in amidst the brewing tension amongst her elders, Sabine walked around them and approached the Goran as he stood quietly opposite Fenn, Bo-Katan, and Aira-ty. She looked at the green helmet for a moment before smiling slightly with her own multi-colored helm held under her arm. “Copying someone else's armor? Isn't that taboo or something?” The Goran chuckled, smiling at her fondly. “This from the kotep jare who ran around wearing almost no armor before coming to me.” Sabine gave a wince as she touched the place under her armor where Aira-ty had stabbed her in the gut all those years ago. “Yeah, not my proudest moment.” she looked back over her shoulders at Fenn and the others as they spoke about the upcoming operations. “There's something I wanted to ask you, about all this.” “Is it about whether or not I think this is a good idea?” “No.” Sabine answered with a nervous smile. “I don't think any of us think this is a good idea. We're just doing what we can to try and save as many people as possible.” “Welcome to war.” he answered simply. “Yeah, believe me I know. I've learned more about what war means in the last few years than I ever wanted to.” she frowned. “But this isn't about that, and I can't ask the others because I'm worried it might spark a fight.” “And what might that be?” Sabine hesitated, frowning for a moment before she spoke. “It's about the Darksaber.” “Ah.” Kahan said simply. “That.” “I lost it to Tiber Saxon years ago. He's had it all this time to legitimize his power in the eyes of House Vizsla.” Sabine looked at him worriedly. “What...what do we do when we face him? If someone other than the Mand'alor claims it members of House Vizsla will question whether or not Fenn still has the right to be our leader.” “Do you believe it will be a problem?” the Goran asked, his eyes flicking towards the holomap. Sabine sighed, turning to look at Bo-Katan as well. “She wants the power. I know she does. She means well though, she just doesn't believe that anyone but her should be the leader of our people.” “Leader of House Vizsla perhaps.” the Goran replied. “Not of our people. She's too bloody-minded. Anyone who followed Pre Vizsla and believed what he was doing was just is not fit to lead our people.” Sabine shook her head, looking up at him skeptically. “Hearing a jetii call us his people is a bit strange.” “Do you think I don't belong here?” he inquired. Hesitating a moment, Sabine shook her head as fond memories of what had been simpler times floated through her mind. “No. In truth I kinda envy Aira-ty. There was a Force sensitive I wanted to make one of us too.” she sighed forlornly. “The Empire took that from me...from us.” The Goran placed his hand on her shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. “We've all lost things to the Empire. They've been taking from Mandalore for over twenty years. As Fenn has said, it is time to put an end to their constant theft.” “Yeah,” Sabine agreed. “We're going to put a missile right up their shebs.” The Goran chuckled, his expression seemingly distant for a moment before he spoke again. “To answer your question about the Darksaber. If we take it, I will give it to you.” Sabine's eyes widened in alarm. “You can't just give it to me!” “House Vizsla's silly traditions hold no sway over myself or Aira-ty. Bo-Katan will not be there, no one will know.” he looked down at her. “Will you move against Fenn with the Darksaber?” “No. Never.” Sabine answered immediately, her expression hardening. “Then it is best in your hands, where House Vizsla's strength can be rallied behind the Mand'alor rather than turned against him.” Sighing, Sabine nodded. “I understand...I just don't know if I want that responsibility.” “None of this is about what we want.” the Goran stated firmly. “It is about what is best for Mand'alor and our families. We all must sacrifice for Mandalore to be free.” he looked deep into her brown eyes with his blue. “If you will not take the Darksaber when it is handed to you Sabine Wren, then I will destroy it to remove the scourge of its perceived power from our people forever.” Sabine's eyes widened for a horrified moment but she kept her emotions under control as she spoke. “You can't. The Darksaber is a part of our history.” “Conquering crusades are a part of our history.” he replied. “And they should remain that, history. If the Darksaber is too dangerous to exist and for Mandalore to be at peace then it too should be relegated to history.” Sabine swallowed, not liking any of this but she couldn't allow the Darksaber to be destroyed, even by a goran. “I'll do it.” she answered. “If you give me the Darksaber, I will accept it.” “Good.” he said with a gentle smile. “I understand this isn't easy for you.” he sighed heavily. “What a galaxy we've left to our children that they must struggle to fix the mistakes we've left in our wake.” “Are you ready to move,” Fenn asked, adding with a wry smile as he interrupted them. “Mand'alor?” The Goran snorted, his body seeming to shimmer for a moment as his own armor vanished and again he wore an identical set of armor to Fenn. “Par cuun adate.” The Mand'alor clasped the Goran's forearm firmly in a shake of solidarity as he nodded. “Ratiin vod.”...
Arkham Asylum Patient Interviews: Prank Master #1Hugo Strange: Ah. Mr. Pucketts, welcome. Please take a seat."Patient proceeds to sit in the empty chair in front of him, and watches as the professor sits in the seat behind his desk."Hugo Strange: My name is Hugo Strange. I am the chief of Psychiatry here at Arkham Asylum. Prank Master: Oh great. Wonderful! Just whoop-de-freaking-doo for you!!!Hugo Strange: "Clears throat." I take it you're not having a fair adjustment to the asylum?Prank Master: Hmm, good question. Am I? Let me think about that for a...NO!! I shouldn't even be in this dump! Never in a, scratch that. Never in infinity and beyond would I ask to be placed in this hell you loons would call a "mental hospital"! If my crappy lawyer didn't open his fat mouth, then maybe I could have been back at Blackgate. I know I would prefer it!! Like seriously! Do you think I wanted this?Hugo Strange: No, no. Of course not. However, what I believe should be done is taking responsibility for your actions, and the trauma that has re-emerged because of the situation. What happened to Mrs. Ericks and her unborn child was very tragic, and it must have been terrible for you to relive the nightmare that your father put you in. However, your breakdown leads me to believe that you in fact need help, and that help is what Arkham can provide Charles. Here we can--Prank Master: --Excuse me, Professor. I can call you Professor right?Hugo Strange: Of course.Prank Master: Great. For a while, I wasn't sure if you went by Professor Strange or Doctor Strange. Hugo Strange: Ah yes. A common confusion.Prank Master: Yeah I'm sure. Anyway, if it's too much trouble, I would prefer it if you called me Charlie. Not Charles, or Chuck, or Chuckie. Those trigger my nerves if you get my drift. Hugo Strange: Very well. My apologies. Anyhow, this is why I wished to speak with you. I wish to reassure you that the staff of Arkham Asylum will strive to help you. Giving you the proper treatments and care to bring you back to a safe sound of mind. With our help, your path to rehabilitation will be inevitable. Prank Master: Wonderful. I'm sure you said that to all the other loonies in this place. Color me crazy. But I don't think this place makes anyone better. I mean look what happened to that loan shark. Let me ask you this Prof. Did that guy get the "proper care" he needed for his "rehabilitation"?Hugo Strange: Now Charlie, I can see your arguments about the conditions of some of our patients, and to some degree, I do agree with you. However, what happened to Mr. White was unfortunately out of our control. Prank Master: Oh, that makes me feel so much better. Hugo Strange: Please be reassured that we at Arkham strive to make the living conditions better for everyone, especially after the incident with Mr. White. And yours will be no different. I assure you that it will not be repeated. Prank Master: I'm still not buying it, Prof. Hugo Strange: Well then, allow us to prove it to you. I hope to change your mind about us in the future. But with that addressed, I will be honest with you. Most of our doctors are a tad occupied with their patients and hiring new doctors has been rather difficult as of late. Prank Master: I can't imagine why. Hugo Strange: However, I would like to continue with you and any future discussions that shall be brought up in the future. Prank Master: "Shrugs shoulders" Sure. Why not? As long as you're not Dr. Arkham, I'm game. Hugo Strange: Hmm, you seem to have a certain distrust for Dr. Arkham. That is a very common trait I find within our patients of late. Why is that?Prank Master: Pfft! Are you kidding? Come on Strange, he's an Arkham! Hello? Arkham Madness and all? Everyone in Gotham knows about it! Like 99.99 percent of the time, they are either whack jobs, morons, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, hell maybe even a combination of all of the above. Okay, the last two might be stretching it. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were true. Hugo Strange: And what would the .01 be? If I may ask.Prank Master: I don't know. But you could probably fill in that gap with something and it would make as much sense as anything with the Arkham family. Hugo Strange: I see. Well, I suppose that will be all the time we have for today. Have a good rest of your day Charlie, and I shall see you Sunday.Prank Master: Sure....
Arkham Asylum Patient Interviews: Joker #1Joker: Hey Jerr-ay! Who's your friend? Have I been a good boy?Dr. Arkham: Enough! This is our newest doctor here at the asylum, and you will treat her with the upmost respect clown!Joker: Oh Jerry, hehe. When have I ever done otherwise? *Laughs*Dr. Arkham: Sigh. Taped session number 5. The patient has no recorded name and is only known to the world as The Joker. Hosting the session with the infamous Clown Prince of Crime will be myself Dr. Jerimiah Arkham and Dr. Gretchen Scroll.Joker: *Giggles*Dr. Arkham: What's so funny?Joker: Huh? Must be your imagination doc. I didn't say anything. Dr. Arkham: I didn't ask if you had said anything! I asked what was making you laugh!Joker: *Shrugs his shoulders*Dr. Arkham: Ahem. As I was saying, accompanied by Dr. Scroll--Joker: *Bursts out in hysterical laughter*Dr. Arkham: Joker! What could you possibly be laughing at?!Joker: *Gasps for air* that...Dr. Arkham: Is that what?!Joker: Scroll?! Seriously?! That's really her name?!Dr. Arkham: Oh for God's sakes Joker! What is so funny about her name?!Joker: Oh come on Jerry! Scroll! I mean seriously, what's next? Doctor Glue? No wait, Doctor Pen. Ooh ooh, how about Doctor Scissors? *Bursts out into another fit of laughter* I... I mean what does she and her husband do for their honeymoon? Does he write on her? *Proceeds to laugh*Dr. Arkham: Oh God.Dr. Scroll: Is he always like this?Dr. Arkham: Unfortunately yes. Most doctors in the asylum cannot get through to this madman. *Joker continues to laugh*Dr. Arkham: Joker! Enough!Joker: *Stops laughing and catches his breath* Oh come on doc! I'm just playing. Dr. Arkham: Well I am not! You are going to show Dr. Scroll respect, or so help me I will personally see you put on death row at Blackgate and immediately executed!! Understand me?!Joker: Alright alright! Sheesh Jerry lighten up!Dr. Arkham: And you will refer to me as Dr. Arkham!Joker: *Replies in a mocking tone* I read you loud and clear Dr. Arkham! *Immediately bursts into another fit of laughter*Dr. Arkham: *Rubs his forehead* Lord give me strength....
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African Leopard (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium) by SirReddo
Asian Elephants 2 (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium) by SirReddo
Charlie Charm by Hamilton-Animations
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Mature Content

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The Collector - Chpt. IV. - Part I. 196 pics. by CyberCpt

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The Maze - Trials - Chpt. I. - Part III. 152 pics! by CyberCpt
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Steven Universe: Pinks Ship by Cartoonfan402
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Batman Special #10: Pegasus(Digital) by D-Field22

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A study in green by latard
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A Memory Or Dream
A Memory Or Dream
     Long ago,in a memory,
or maybe a distant dream;
she sees the little town,
in her thoughts, as it always seems.
      She may have been here once,
but for certain, she cannot recall.
She sees this place in late summer,
just before the coming fall.
     A musical carousel is in the square;
the small shops echo of the past.
In the distance there is a shoreline,
with a view of the horizon that everlasts.
     The local children are playing barefoot;
some at tag and on the ride.
Boys with poles and fish returning,
from an afternoon that the shoreside.
      The church bells here are ringing;
scents of evening meals are in the air.
Neighbors call out to one another,
here where folks reside without a care.
     This place lacks the constant hurry
that so many face today.
It seems a quiet, simple life,
in a most comforting kind of way.
:iconhandylight:handylight 0 0
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Greeting's welcome to the Imperial-court, as members of the court you are free to express individual idea's art, literature, ect. However we do have some rules and a code of conduct for the benefit and well being of all, these are side rule's.

The codex manifestemdiktárm (rule's of the house)

1 all are welcome as equals. Art, literature, ect, from all genres and walks of life are aloud, but please note to place your contribution's' in there proper sections.

2 All member's are to be treated as equals, bullying and trolling will not be tolerated, art theft will also be dealt with. racism and bigotry is also an offence, bear in mind Joke's and constructive criticism are aloud, but abuses of these right are not.

3 Help and support one another, some of you are hobbyist wile others my wont to make a career out of it. But what ever you do now we are there for you, and you for us.

Crime and punishment, this is for those who violate the rule’s.

A three strike rule will be used hear, upon the third strike you will be EXILED from the Imperial court for a period of strike six months.
After a six month period you me return or be invited back. The three strike rule will reapply to you as well, but be warned is you reach, three strikes again you will be banished permanently from the Imperial court.

Bullying & trolling can be resolved with an apology; however repeated offences will result in a strike and a warning.

Art theft will result in an automatic strike and a warning.

Racism & bigotry has a heavier toll, offences will result in a TWO strike penalty, with the demand of an emendate apology.

Failure to do so will result in a third strike and an exile of one year, upon which you my return or be invited.

The goal, stage 1: attract members, writers, artist's, alike.

stage 2: promote fan, and original work's.

stage 3: increase fan base.

stage 4: create a web site for the group's original creations.

stage 5: find way to make money of it for the group.

stage 6: offer to train new artist's. the next stage's are forth coming' this is a idea i'v had for some time new. there are so many great artist's and story tellers out there who never get the chance to shine, some time's it's life some time's it's lack of opportunity i wont to help them as best i can, so i made a group to start that dream.






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