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I'm not happy with how this turned of, but here it is.

Tauriel from The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug, can't wait for that movie to come out.
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Oh wow this is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love everything about this!
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Outstanding work. I'll post it here:
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I'm honored, thank you (:
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I like her, I had a Doctor moment when I saw her "Oh she's good...Lorelei (old OC) with're fired."
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the shading is topnotch
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I love it!  Great job on shading, color, hair, EVERYTHING!!!  Awesome!
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Hey there! Love this! Could we possibly add this to the Tauriel fanart gallery on our facebook page? Full credit given, and a link back to you of course! :)
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Of course! I'd be honored! :D
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Thanks so much! You're posted! :)
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This is beautiful! You have an amazing talent! I'm always interested to see the different mediums that artists use and I LOVE how you've approached this creation. It's remarkable and you are wonderful at creating memorable pieces.


Thank you!

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 Aww thank you, I'm so happy you like it!

I agree with you, that's what's so fun about art, that everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. And now when more and more are self-taught there is so much variation and unusual techniques! (:


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You are more than welcome!

And yes! It's so fun to study all you different artists and your unique talents and techniques!

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Love it! Great job with this. Can't wait to see her in action when the film comes out. :D
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Ah yeah, The Hobbit! Awesome! 
I still haven't seen the first film though (I should be ashamed of myself now :XD:). 

I really like your artwork! 

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Nothing to be ashamed of, but you're saving something great! :D
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