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PIANO, for Rainmeter

Official Release: PIANO, for Rainmeter

Comment: This release is a new milestone for Rainmeter. It pushes the program into a direction it's always been capable of, but has never fully reached. I proudly present you with PIANO, for Rainmeter.

Note: Due to some incompatibility issues some people seemed to have been experiencing with the installation of the .rmskin file, an alternate download version containing the extracted .rmskin contents in a nicely packed .zip file is now available via this [link].

UPDATE: Official Version 1.0.3: Due to a coding error which was brought to my attention, the 11th and 13th keys, G1 and A1 respectively, were both playing the same .wav file. I would like to take the chance to formally thank StarburstSpectrum for bringing the issue to my attention. The .rmskin has been been re-coded to amend this error and the new version is ready for download.

UPDATE: Official Version 1.0.2: .wav files were re-sampled into a smaller bit rate, allowing the size of the original file to be dramatically decreased. Furthermore, the sound quality has been unaffected. The same crisp and pristine sound is still present. Please enjoy the newer, smaller, and sleeker current release of 10 MB.

Files: 1 (.rmskin)
Size: 10 MB

1. Install Rainmeter, or if Rainmeter is already installed, proceed to step 2. If Rainmeter is not installed, procure here [link].
2. Download the .rmskin installable file [link].
3. Double right-click the .rmskin installable file and accept the installation notification.

1. Elegantly crafted GUI which supports the entire 88 key spectrum as one would expect of a real piano.
2. Sound files are authored for crisp and pristine sound.
3. Sound files are 3 seconds long in duration each, to preserve the sustained tone of a real piano key being struck.
4. This release supports both white and black keys.
5. Animations for struck keys are included.

1. I am not obligated to share anymore information than has already been presented in this description.
2. I am not obligated to share the source code of my work or personal development with any individual.
3. You are free, as in free speech, to download, modify and redistribute this free, as in free beer, release as long as you include a link to the original source of your material.
4. The minimum required screen width for this release is 1320 pixels.
5. Rainmeter is a required installation in order to make use of this release.
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Could you potentially get this to play MIDIs? That would be so sick!

Hi there, it's great but could you make it usable with keyboard? It's kind of useless with mouse...

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That would be EPIC! like have the same layout as FL studio, Number row and top row (qwerty as white keys, staggered like keyboard 1 34 6 89)

Thank you, I feel like a musician now! Good work

Is it just me or is the link broken ?

are your mouse buttons reversed? It is generally double left-click...

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You are adorkable, have this llama.
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Wonderful piece of work.. :)
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This is the first skin I have been able to download, and IT WORKED! LOVE the functionality. This is perfect. Thanks.
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the link is unavailable...
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Thank you so much.What fun! (add Audacity and I can almost be "creative"!!)
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To all people that can't download:
the download button which normally downloads the "image" will download the skin file here.
Hi. dont know if its just me but theres nothing in the link anymore. D;
hey sir if u can make it like visualizer?its cool :-),if can i just try asking hehehe this piano look cool of more technology with visualizer(techno piano style)
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wow, very awesome idea!
I can't find the link to download.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm new to deviantart so I thought the link would be in the description. Sorry bout that.
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Now just needs MIDI!
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can we use this with keyboard i mean it's difficult to use it with mouse
is there is nay way to use it with keyboard plz help i want to use this skin so bad plz
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Like Synthezia....
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yeah like 
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i made a playable drum set like this.just check it out..…
I think the shades are ab bit offs? If a key is pressed, and its left key is pressed at the same time, the key shouldn't be shaded? Just quick observation tho
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