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"Individuality" I decided to give this a bit more of a sci-fi/steampunk appeal. As of lately, I noticed that individuality and creativity is a rare thing to come across, people are more likely to follow than journey into the world on their own. Granted, yes we have influences but it's one thing to have influence and another to mimic. Just showing that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being different :)

Model here is myself, so it's my own reference, everything else is linked below.

[link] background
[link] -background 2
[link] gear stock
[link] mask
[link] - necklace
[link] - mask 2
[link] -control/guage
[link] -tubes
[link] -techno mask
[link] -gem
[link] - various misc things
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BnspyrdProfessional General Artist
Although you said you can hardly see the stock image of my steampunk background, I wanted to thank you for letting me know you used my image in your amazing piece. Very intriguing. :wow:
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Imperf3ctionStudent Digital Artist
Mhm, I try to manipulate to the point where it looks like it was created by my own, creativity is limitless but thank you for providing for your stock!, I'll be sure to notify you in the future if I plan on using any others you have and maybe this time, give yours more of a spotlight notice :P
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A mere machine, like all the others.
I like the concept.

You talk about having influences or just mimicing others. Are mimics and followers the machines? Because they lack individuality?
Are those who are creative and live their own life not machines? Are they human? A superior being?

I wonder where the threshold for being a machine is. Am I a machine because I try to behave like all the others around me, wanting to be one of them? ... Is that wrong?

This is no criticism by the way, i really like the picture ^^

But i've been thinking about individuality too. Your picture interests me because you show the human as a machine.
And that's actually kinda what I believe.

Aren't bones like a frame? Muscles could be something like a hydraulic apparatus, and the digestive system the engine that delivers power... And so on.
Isn't the brain kinda like a computer?

Sounds silly, i know :D

But what exactly is the difference between a machine and a human? Apart from the human being alot more complex of course.
Is it the fact that we can learn? All our brain does is use the data from previous encounters to solve a situation. If a rat gets an electric shock when she steps on a certain platform, her brain will gather the data connected with the incident. Stepping on platform = pain = avoid platform. The rat will be afraid of the platform, since fear is a protective mechanism.
We learn the same way, in every aspect of our life. We analyse a current situation based on previous experiences and make adjustments in our behavior if necessary. And I bet that robots will do that too in 20 years.

Is it the emotions that make us "alive"?
Let's take fear. Fear is a emotion that is supposed to keep us away from danger. Everything we don't know is potentially dangerous and must be examined in order to confirm safety or danger - We are afraid of those things so we are careful and don't get killed.
If you're afraid, you brain basically just commands the emitting of neurotransmitters into your body.
Could i program a machine to do the same thing? "If subject unknown, initiate fear. Emitt substance X to enhance performance of hydrolaulic apparatus and cause initiation of security-subprograms"

Could explain the other emotions too but that would take forever. Wanna go to bed :p

But you get my point I hope. Humans are basically just very complex robots. Cells could be nanobots and stuff. After all, evolution had millions of years time :p

So yeah. Where is the threshold for being a machine? Are we all just dead machines? Is a toaster actually alive?
Aren't we all just "programmed" to survive and reproduce? All our emotions root from these two goals, even though we don't notice (Yes, even art and being creative... love is pretty self-explanatory though).
Organic machines - every individuals existence justified by the mysterious will to start another cycle of pointlessness?

Kinda off from your initial concept, but hey^^

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Imperf3ctionStudent Digital Artist
Ah I love a good read! I am glad you had plenty to write, it means plenty to me now to answer you.

Depends on your definition of what it is like to behave like "one" when we are addressing the simple rules of society, such as respect, wellness and just general good will in a mutual effort. I sincerely believe there's a lot in people in this world who lack the ability to see the world for what it really is. Some are so caught up in the illusions that they can't form their own thoughts and others do not know how to vocalize their thoughts,so in substitution they follow those above them because they can't direct themselves. Then you have a smaller population, people who are wide awake to reality, people who are able to vocalize their thoughts and not afraid of standing out;being the black sheep of the crowd.

I believe there's more than just emotions that make us human. There's reason and then there's desire. We decide what is good and bad in our conscience but we only follow the laws because we established this agreement in favor of everyone else, if we were not to abide such rules, we might as else live in the jungle, being on the level chain as the rest of the animal kingdom, but considering we are advanced, we had to set such rules up.

However, regardless of what I think, what you consider humanity is entirely in your thought what to judge whenever we are complex robots, there would be much controversy on the subject and to be honest, it would boil down to what do you believe we are? there is no right answer. I believe life itself is a paradox, this can all simply be a figment of our imagination, to say what this is or what we are is unlimited.

It is a big off my initial concept but I am always up for new discussions, that's the point of my art, if it expanded your brain and made you think, then my message is being heard, even if it's a way I haven't thought of, that's the genius of it and thus why I am passionate about what I do.

The deeper message I was just addressing in my concept, truth has always laid around in our history, but we seem to repeat history over and over, people seem to follow the same mistakes and never learn from. By addressing a new breed of thought, by thinking outside the box, by separating yourself from the herd of the sheep and by being creative, perhaps for once we can break these shackles of our ever-repeating doom. Because I sincerely believe, if it anything is destroy humanity, it would be ourselves.
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Imperf3ctionStudent Digital Artist
bit off**