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Shadow of the Ivory Citadel - Chapter I
CHAPTER I: At the Gates of Yol'gan
Ayas'yasti Xyrrai'zestu Sharen rode through the streets of the underground city of Yol'gan upon her dragon, accompanied by a tattooed, dark haired male behind her. The sight of the foreign nobility drew out onlookers, surprised to see a dragon walking through the streets of their own city. Ayas'yasti herself possessed a tall, shapely frame which caught the eyes of male and female alike. Her long wavy grey hair contrasted with her lambent almond shaped red eyes. To complete her regal appearance, she wore the fine attire of a Sharen noblewoman,  her gown and cloak composed of brocaded silks and elaborate weaving. Her rich clothing did little to distract from the sheathed tulwar and dagger held in her girdle, each weapon shimmering with gold chasings and gems.
The Sharen noblewoman inwardly fumed over her assignment given to her by her grandmother. Being sent to discuss terms of trade and alliance with some uncultured outlander who had h
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 7 9
Sla'inne's Celebration by ImperatorAlric Sla'inne's Celebration :iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 24 4
Mature content
The Khatun's Birthday :iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 6 3
In Love's Eyes A Queen - Epilogue
Blood flowed from Tur'geis' wounds as he stood there cradling the body of the only woman he loved. Her blood covered them both, so much that Tur'geis couldn't tell whose blood covered him anymore. The male warrior was mad from the pain, both physical and emotional. He had failed her, and their entire line. Tur'geis shook with sadness and rage as he gasped for air. He couldn't breathe...
Tur'geis bolted up, screaming madly as he frenziedly grasped for his sword. He'd die avenging his fallen mate! Suddenly he felt strong hands grasp his wrists. He snarled and twisted his arms away, seeking to throw his opponent off of him. “No!” he cried as he quickly tried to go for his sword under the pillow.
“Tur'geis! Calm's just a nightmare!” Die'tra's face and sharp green eyes came into clear focus, lined with worry.
The familiar sound of the voice jolted Tur'geis back to reality, and he sank back down to the bedroll, his massive chest heaving deeply as he lay ther
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 5 4
In Love's Eyes A Queen
“Heh, you weren't really angry, were you?” purred Die'tra as she ran her fingers across Tur'geis' broad chest.  Her long white hair, some of it pulled into red braids, covered the two like a blanket and her feline green eyes met Tur'geis' ice blue ones once more as they spoke.
The tall, powerfully built male beside her chuckled, his right arm draped around her as they lay on the grass, the mist sea before them. “It doesn't matter now,” he said as he gave one of Die'tra's full buttocks a squeeze. His low, broad face spread into a wide grin as his blue eyes displayed deep mirth. “If it ends up like this, how could I be angry?”
Die'tra pressed even more snugly to her squad leader, giving him a deep kiss on the lips. “You certainly were rather spirited just now,” she laughed.
“How can I not be?” Tur'geis roared with laughter. “Beautiful females bring out the beast in me almost as a foe does,” he added with a wolfi
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 9 10
A Tale From The Deep Woods, Chapter VI
Krui'adh groused to himself as he sat down in the field beside his sister, Rox'elana. His mother had given him the duty to watch over Rox'elana and the Am'saag detachment's sheep, horse, and cattle herds with several other Am'saag tribesmen. Rox'elana cooed and smiled happily at her older brother, playing with a stuffed whale she had brought from home. Krui'adh managed a smile as he saw his little sister. He'd rather be out hunting, but he was mature enough to know the importance of protecting his sister.
With that in mind, the boy looked down to check his composite recurve bow; a simple thing, but Krui'adh was proud of how his parents had told him to string and shoot it accurately. Any Gimirri worth her or his mount could use it so! His wooden sword was the other of his treasured belongings, and one day he hoped to be as proficient as his mother and father are with their steel swords! But for now, it was another dull day spent watching over herd animals and Rox'elan
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 4 5
Tur'geis the Destroyer by ImperatorAlric
Mature content
Tur'geis the Destroyer :iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 87 21
A Tale From The Deep Woods, Chapter V
Chapter V:
“Kacara'jana is on the eastern bank, keep your eyes open,” advised Loma'khadva. The sun was falling in the sky as the four.traveled down the river to Kacara'jana on the stolen canoe.
“I remember the Explorers wanted a stockade built on the river to ward off Black Sun attacks,” said Vana'sadra, watching the foliage to the sides in case of a Black Sun ambush. If that stockade had ever been built, then they'd all find it easier to inform the colony's defenders.
“Aye, but you Nal'sarkoth are led by soft-bellied merchants who can't see any further than next month's balance sheet. No one was willing to spend the coin for laborers and materials that wasn't going to the fur trapping business or the orchards,” replied Die'tra with a disdainful snort.
“If you Explorers didn't have to follow the orders of a bunch of damn fools then we wouldn't have the Black Sun swarming over the walls of Kacara'jana,” grunted Tur'geis.
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 3 2
A Tale From The Deep Woods, Chapter IV
Chapter IV:
“How many Black Sun are there, anyways?” queried Vana'sadra as the four made their way through the  western path. They were all careful to avoid low-hanging branches and to step on the hard packed dirt of the trail as to leave no trace; but for the two Nal'sarkoth it was slower work.
“The woods were swarming with them! At least a dozen tribes,” replied Loma'khadva, her long white hair trailing behind her as she ran.
“They'll obey a great warrior, but they'll follow a sorceress into Hell, whether it be out of respect or fear,” continued Die'tra. “There has to be more clans that you didn't see.”
“With that great chief the summoner was speaking to, the Black Sun have to be marching on the border settlements right now. You don't drive them into a fury just to let them sit it out,” grunted Tur'geis.
Vana'sadra and Loma'khadva thought about it for a moment as they ran down the forest path. “We need to g
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 4 3
A Tale From The Deep Woods, Chapter III
Chapter III:
The Black Sun camp bustled with activity as workers and slaves did their daily tasks. A wooden stockade surrounded the huts made of mud and wattle as warriors squatted within and tended their bleeding wounds from the past battle, all the while keeping their bone weapons close to hand.
Die'tra' keen eyes searched the open stockade from the slight vantage point provided to her by a cluster of trees. A variety of severed heads, both goblin and elf, were stuck upon the shafts of spears ringing the center of the camp. It was looking grim for the well-being of the captured trader so far. Normally the Black Sun tried to take hostages in order to gain money or much needed goods.
By the center of the camp, however, stood a series of wooden stakes. A long-haired Mimian female in torn green garments was lashed to one; it seemed likely that she was the missing fur trader. Her posture against the stake indicated that she was barely conscious. Getting her out of the camp may prov
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 1 3
A Tale From The Deep Woods, Chapter II
Chapter II:
Tur'geis ravenously tore into the leg of boar he held in his hands, savoring his first meal of the day. Die'tra sat at his side, feeding the red haired dokkalvar baby girl in her arms. A white-haired dokkalvar boy sat across from Tur'geis, likewise eating his portion of roast boar. Both dokkalvar children shared the light blue eyes of the Am'saag, and their facial features showed the likeness to their parents present with them at breakfast.
Die'tra smiled as she recognized the similarity between Tur'geis and his son Krui'adh as they both ate in the same manner. They were so alike to each other! She held Rox'elana close as she fed the toddler from a bowl of porridge with mashed fruit. Die'tra felt a bit sad that they had to leave her yet again, at least for the next few hours. Goddesses willing, they'd all be safe by the end of the day. Die'tra was no coward and never shied away from a fight, but she was glad she and her family were away from the hell of Chel'el'susso
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 2 3
A Tale From The Deep Woods, Chapter I
Chapter I:
For those accustomed to the everyday noises of underground urban life, the quiet background sounds of a surface forest were a startling disturbance. Not that Vana'sadra Nal'sarkoth, an Explorer in her clan's service, was one alien to the aboveground. She had barely seen much more than half-a-century's worth of summers but already she had spent much of her young life in the expanses of the underworld and the jungles, plains, and deserts of the surface.
Vana'sadra's wide green eyes carefully swept the rough forest path before her. The tousle-haired Mimian female of medium height wore attire of a Nal'sarkoth Explorer; green chitin armor over green trousers, tunic, and soft knee-high boots along with the white cloak of a sorceress. A long, thin bladed sword was on her baldric along with a knife stashed in her right boot. The Explorer had let her steel morion hang from her shoulders, not wanting to compromise her hearing or vision while alone on the trail. Vana'sadra was
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 5 5
Babies Ever After by ImperatorAlric Babies Ever After :iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 45 10 Cheers for you GEM76! by ImperatorAlric Cheers for you GEM76! :iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 22 6
A Warrior's Bond, Pt. 2
The clear mountain air rang with the sounds of steel clashing against steel and grunts and screams of agony. On their way up the forbidding mountain range, the small band of Highland Raiders had been set upon by a Sharen led relic hunting expedition. Competition over the claiming of ancient wealth had become fierce with the Sharen hiring their own mercenaries to search out and bring back relics as well as information about the recently discovered civilization of the Dragon Men.
Tall trees lined the dim trail, their great branches shutting out the sunlight as the drow warriors fought. Tur'geis was in the vanguard with the other squad leaders, leading the fight against the Sharen hired mercenaries. He batted aside the sword of his first attacker before caving in the wielder's breast with a quick and murderous swing of his naginata.
In response, the now-dying Sharen warrior's compatriot raised his sword to defend against Tur'geis' follow through attack, but the barbarian just smashed down
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 2 3
A Warrior's Bond, Part I
The curved steel blade sliced through the dokkalvar female's red dyed hair, severing the extended end of the long braid at the back of her head. Taking the cut hair in hand, she tied it to the pommel of the long straight sword lying on her crossed legs.
“There Tur'geis, now you'll have something to remember me by if I'm not there,” she said with a smile as she handed the sword back to the tall and mightily built male in front of her. The female Highland Raider looked straight at him with her fierce green eyes.
The red-cloaked male laughed boldly. “We're in the same squad, aren't we? I'd rather not have squad mates skipping out on me.” He handed over a curved sword to the female, a knotted strand of his own red dyed hair tied about its pommel. “And the same to you, Die'tra,” he added, his icy blue gaze meeting the female's.
Die'tra got to her feet and sheathed her sword, her bronze-toned Highland Raider armor clinking lightly as she did so. Tur'geis h
:iconimperatoralric:ImperatorAlric 4 3

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