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Mass Effect Scenario Generator

How to play this since Flash died
1. Click the download icon on this page to download the .swf file. 
2. Download a stand alone Flash player from Adobe here:…
(Just click the "Download the Flash Player projector" link for your appropriate OS.) 
3. Once finished, run the program that was downloaded. 
4. In that program, open the .swf file (via File > Open or drag and drop). 

Are you inspired yet?

Feel free to share, download, repost, whatever!

Created for efleck.

All Mass Effect images and content are property of BioWare.


Update: I added 30 new characters and 30 new locations (making a total of 50 characters and 50 locations). Enjoy!


Original Version:…


I'm making my source .fla and .as publicly available if you want to make your own, add more scenarios, add your OC's, whatever. (You need Flash for it, obviously. It was made in CS4.)
I don't much care what you do with it. Just don't go around being like, "lol i made da WHOLE thang myself!1~!1."
'Cause karma will eat your face for being a fibber.


Commander Shepard Generator:
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