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Type-4S Lever Action Shotgun
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Published: December 25, 2015
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Shotguns have been used by the Infrastructure since 3IA, but the have always been considered a specialist weapon. While powerful at close range against massed enemy formations or wildspawn, their low effective range and heavy weight limited meant that in most military situations either a pistol or a rifle was superior. Regardless several models were produced over the years for use by both the military, auxiliaries and enforcement as well as for export. The most recent of these is the Type-4S Lever Action Shotgun.

The Type-4S was first put into production in 32 IA to replace the Break Action Type-3S. One of it's reasons for introduction was for service in the Petrolium Colonies and another was to get soldiers more use to the idea of repeating long-arms as the Type-4R was introduced, even though the two weapons have considerable mechanical differences. The Type-4R has a fixed tube magazine able to carry five shells with a sixth chambered. After each shot the user simply has to push the grip mounted lever forward and reset it until the magazine was exhausted. It's cartridges were 19mm cardboard shells with brass bases, each containing 40 grams of lead pellets. Solid slugs are also available and were hoped to be of use against runic armor. Most of these shells are loaded with black powder, though it is fully capable of accepting 'N-Shells' loaded with Nitrocellulose pellets. Even so it's effective range using shot is limited to about thirty meters. The weapon weighs in at 3.8 kilograms unloaded.

Like with most weapons production has stepped up with the onset of the escort war, with several thousand weapons being manufactured. Many have been provided to the navy and naval infantry with others being issued to the army, enforcement and to prisons. Each Battlesteamer is provided with one of these weapons in case of enemy assault. Reception has been positive, though the weapons are more maintenance heavy than their predecessors. A few of these weapons proved their worth at the battle of Daagsgrad, even though the effectiveness of solid slugs against runic armor was not fully satisfactory.
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