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Tribal Orcish Caplock Musket by Imperator-Zor Tribal Orcish Caplock Musket by Imperator-Zor
The orcish adoption of firearms has been a complex history. Orcs by in large are interested in firearms, rarely had the stigma against them which was present among many human culture. However they often have had a hard time in setting up powder production and gunsmitheries of their own due to the scale of orcish communities and the threat posed by external threats. Never the less, bit by bit their methods improved by trial and error, the acquisition of equipment such as lathes and by learning from humans and dwarves. In some case a gunsmith was paid by orcs to show them his trade, in other cases it involved them reading books on the subject of gunsmithing and applying that knowledge, in other circumstances it involved catching gunsmiths and beating their secrets out of them. As there are hundreds of Orcish clans, there is no one standard for Orcish weaponry and quality varies from things little better than handgonnes to weapons of above average workmanship. This weapon is fairly up to date, but still falls on the lower end of the spectrum.

This is a percussion lock smoothbore musket made by a minor Orcish tribe living near the western mountain border of the Empire of Allergon. Said tribe is still getting the hang of firearm manufacture, thus explaining the crudeness of much of this weapon. It's barrel is heavy and made of cast iron while it's stock is roughly made. Never the less it has been equipped with a functional percussion caplock for it's action, making use of looted caps. Such weapons are functional, but are hardly the most efficient weapons. They are heavy for their size and caliber and low range. Never the less, as warfare moves more and more towards gunpowder weaponry since the Rifle Wars these weapons, as well as the skills to make them are of increasing importance to their continued survival. If nothing else, simply having firearms of any quality can be useful in deterring and it allows Orcs, either as individuals or clans to refine their craft in the field of gunsmithing.
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April 6, 2014
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