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Series-9 Roadsteamer Lorry
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Published: July 26, 2014
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It should be no surprise that among the highest priorities of the Infrastructure is the development of infrastructure. To make the best use of the coldlands' resources and to better make use of them, they need to be transported to where they are needed and to send manufactured goods to the mines and fields to make them more productive. This includes building roads, railways, stations for changing horses, the mass production of carts, wagons and carriages and motorized vehicles. These include steam powered ships for international trade and commerce along the northern coast, paddlesteamers to make use of the major rivers, railways for the main overland routes and a variety of independent wheeled vehicles. Mostly these include tractors and variants, but also include a number of lighter vehicles intended specifically for road work such as this Series-9 Lorry.

This design was put into production in 29 IA and so far some 65 of these vehicles have been made, with numerous adjustments and modifications made along the way. While not as strong a tractor, these trucks are outfitted with a respectable 16kw steam engine. Said engine burns alcohol, which trades in some flexibility and higher operational expense for better fuel storage, eliminating ash disposal and an easily mechanized feed system. These Lorries can be operated by a single driver, but have two seats to accommodate a mechanic. It has an enclosed cabin for winter operation with glass windows. These vehicles can maintain a speed of about 16-21 kilometers per hour on road while loaded (mostly depending on road quality) and can move at 32km/h unloaded at optimal conditions. It has rack and pinion steering and disc brakes. For night operation it has a frontal headlight powered by a dynamo. In addition to this design are a number of less sophisticated ones which are easier to produce and maintain, though with diminished performance.

Roadsteamers have never the less been a fairly low priority for the infrastructural government so far overshadowed by the development of rail networks, shipbuilding and the building of paddlesteamers for riverine transportation. Tractors are given higher priority than roadsteamers due to the fact that their applications in agriculture as well as transportation while the vast majority of wheeled vehicles remain drawn by human or animal power. Roadsteamers are mostly used to deliver goods in and around cities in which speed is a priority. Most of them are found operating around Dalatyr and with the Daagsgrad and Borogskov shipyards, or with the army for logistical purposes. The remainer are assigned to the growing garrison towns and the Urblasst/Loriv canal development site. Production of these vehicles has further slowed with the onset of the escort war, falling down to a total of eleven new roadsteamers a year of all types as trained personnel and equipment were shifted to various higher priority projects, both civilian and military.
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