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Matchlock Pistols by Imperator-Zor Matchlock Pistols by Imperator-Zor
Some matchlock pistols made by the son of the gunsmith which made these...…

In the twenty five years since the first of the first of the pre-used barrel matchlock pistols were made this gunsmith earned a reputation for prodiving cheap pistols to those who wanted them. The only problem was the supply of usable old handgonne barrels gradually dried up as time went on. As such, his son ended up forging new barrels. He stuck mostly with making matchlocks even though the new wheellocks began to show up, largely because they were easier to make and he had a reputation for providing decent, if not exceptional firearms at low rates.

Wheellock pistols in general are considered to be better than matchlocks given the fact that it is a bit difficult to keep a matchcord lit while doing manuvers in the saddle and the rain sensitivities.. That said, they are cheaper to make, easier to maintain are better than having no pistol at all. For the price of a single wheellock pistol a buyer could get both of these matchlock pistols with enough left over for a decent supply of slow match and several dozen shots. There are still a few people who can't afford a wheellock but still want a pistol or quartermasters who have a dozen new recruits to outfit and want a bit more bang for their buck. Their steel butts allow them to serve as clubs in close quarters.
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June 15, 2014
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