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Mark-I Anti Tank Rocket Launcher by Imperator-Zor Mark-I Anti Tank Rocket Launcher by Imperator-Zor
The predecessor of the Mark-II Anti Tank Rocket Launcher. The Mark-I anti tank rocket launcher was a weapon that was put into service quickly. There had been some experimentation with shaped charges beforehand in it's home country, as well as rockets for flares and experimentation by enthusiast inventors. Then suddenly said country was faced with an invasion force involving more than three million soldiers with five thousand tanks and thousands more tank destroyers, self propelled artillery and anti aircraft vehicles and armored cars which managed to overwhelm their border defenses. The old 11mm anti tank rifles proved to be insufficient against the onslaught, as such a project was rushed to mix these two devices together over a period of two months. This contraption was the result and was soon approved and put into service. While crude, short ranged and one shot they could be produced in large numbers, were easy to use and if used properly could blast through up to 85mm of steel. If possible, each squad was to be issued one of these weapons on the off chance they might do some damage to enemy armor if it came to close. The top fin was used as part of the weapon's sights. A couple of refinements were made after the first year that made it marginally less dangerous to use and marginally cheaper to make.
zxczxczbfg Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2017
It's a Panzerfaust with fins! Though that seems a little unnecessary, since the Panzerfaust had fins to begin with, they're just bound up inside the tube. These ones seem like they'd present a bit of a snag hazard.
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December 17, 2014
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