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Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Two by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Two by Imperator-Zor
The last few days had been fairly lax for Jathas ti Dolraj, one of the Lookouts on board the Xalnoris-IV. Ultimately this had to due with the fact that his ship was a ship of the line. The lookouts on the frigates and sloops were constantly on alert for any cargo ships. A few of them could break formation and try to capture them, earning their crews a bit more prize money. The last time one got close was two days ago, but still they hoped. The big ships of the line, however could not do this. They were the backbone of the blockade and had to hold the line no matter what. What he had to look out for was Infrastructural warships, either coming in or going.

His job was a lot more important than usual. Skrying in these seas was hard enough in this place and that was before everyone with any real magical talent on board having to put their mana into keeping those thunderheads ready. However, the way he figured it there were at least a hundred spyglasses looking about at any time. He could afford to relax a bit, taking his share of breaks. The officers did not pay that much attention to the crow's nest at this particular level of alertness. Even so he was not completely negligent. After a four minute break sitting down he got to Jathas got to his feet and went back to surveying the waters. This started with a fruitless scanning of the open ocean to the north and was followed by a fruitless scanning of the ocean to the north before turning his view south to the city and the small fleet outside it.

There were some new pillars of smoke rising from the city, though none of the blue flares that were to be burned on captured cannons. However he did see that the smoke plumes of the Infrastructural fleet began to become more intense at once. Being from a minor household of shoemakers he knew about Infrastructural Machines only in broad strokes, that they had big furnaces in them that somehow were used to move them forward. Even so he managed to piece together what was happening.

"Milord!" He shouted "I think their fleet is getting ready to move!"

"Keep watch!" was barked in response. And so he did. Sure enough after a couple minutes the small Infrastructural fleet was under way. He smirked. Even with all their guns and armor they could not take on the fleet.

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