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Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Three by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Three by Imperator-Zor
The Infrastructural squadron turned about and moved forward west by north west in a rough line of battle. The Dark Elves noticed this motion and responded. Admiral Qiulnaj ti'Zaelros had planned ahead for such an event and the fleet followed suit. If the Infrastructural ships should try something, the fleet was to converge in their way to intercept them while still keeping their distance from the city and it's guns. They moved in to bring as much firepower as possible on the fleet as possible. Both with cannonade and with their thunderheads. The Drow had the Infrastructural defenders outnumbered more than twenty to one

As far as Admiral ti'Zaelros was concerned, lightning was a necessary weapon against Infrastructural ships. He conceded that metal hulled ships were far more resilient to and it was important to get in close, never the less he concluded that despite that being able to deliver a first blow against Infrastructural attacker could at least soften them up. He had explained as much to his captains beforehand. Onboard his fleet his weather mages stirred up the thunderheads they had in tow and sent their arcs flying into the lead ship in the Infrastructural formation.

Captain Filozov of the Shieldwall winced as he saw the first lance of electricity slam into his ship and did so again for the second and third. Then he noticed that they had no real effect on his ship and remembered what he had learned about conductivity. For the next forty or so strikes he felt confident that this action would not amount to anything beyond possibly spooking his crew. Then he began to hear the metallic groaning as the sandwiched steel plates began to deform. Six seconds and seven strikes latter an arc managed to slam into the rear deck sending up burning splinters which left a few of his crew wounded. His confidence in the resilience of his ship against lightning attacks was shaken by this and the bolts just kept coming and coming. The Starboard side of his ship was becoming blackened as strike after strike slammed into it. Most of the energy was conducted into the sea but on impact enough of it was focused in one place to do some damage regardless. Even so the overall damage was marginal and exterior.

The eight first lightning bolt, however, did more damage than all it's predecessors combined. By sheer blind luck it managed to directly hi the Shieldwall's forward starboard cannon, which was loaded. The cannon burst as the shell was set off, which in turn set off the ten other shells in the frontal battery and the two loaded in the other guns. The gun crews were torn apart in a tiny fraction of the second while burning shrapnel was sent into the the bridge at high speed, killing captain Filozov and his bridge staff.

At the sight of the distant explosion the Drow crew cheered even as a salvo of three 150mm shells flew towards them and their weather mages felt more and more fatigued. The ships of the Infrastructural Navy may have been hard as nails, but they were not invincible. Enough pounding would put them down just like any other foe. The lightning mages moved down the line and managed to get about twenty five more shots into the Ironclad Revenge to minimal effect before the weather mages, exausted let go of their thunderstorms and slinked below deck for a drink and a lie down. But even so lighting was not the only card they had to play

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