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Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Six by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Six by Imperator-Zor
"TO THE SEA!" Janob barked as he and a few fellow rebels made their way into a storage yard full of crates, his mind filled with bloodlust. Fourteen years of hatred, frustration and bitterness that he had left to stew in the back of his mind had been let loose while he was armed to the teeth along with other such people. He could not remember the last time he felt this good. Whatever doubts he had about the plan had quickly dissolved as he led his men through the streets and cutting down any of the Committee's lackeys he could find. His band had managed to overcome the gate guards, that had cost him sixteen men but that price had been worth it and they had gained five Type-4R rifles. Once in he had some fun shooting a few workers and sending most of the rest running. A few workers fought back and there had been a few injuries and a death in his band after they got in and he saw a few more downed rebels from other groups but regardless they had the guns and the upper hand. They were wolves among sheep even if the sheep knew how to butt heads. A few others had gone off in search of loot and 'fun'. Nevertheless he had a job to do. There were a few cannons placed near the shipyards in brick bunkers and those needed to be shut down.

Since he saw a few people dart into the storage, he knew he would have some fun on the way. As he went he would occasionally hear footsteps or talking in another direction so he would make a detour to go after them or send a man off to investigate. A few others broke off from the group, either getting lost in the maze, going off to try to search for some loot or in one case, abandoning this crusade against Infrastructure to make sure that his brother (who had a nasty leg wound and had limped to a corner) was safe. Janob did not pay much attention to this until he notice that his group had shrunk from thirteen to five. He had some worries about that, but he knew that some of the men that he sent through would be on the other side, he was close to the sea and there was already a fair bit of gunfire from the direction of the bunker.

As he got sight of the sea he ended up in the middle of the formation. Ahead of him were Eino and Dorboslaw (two friends which he knew since childhood) who rushed forward and behind him were a couple of lads that they had picked up along the way who had joined up eagerly enough once the mob had come through. Then suddenly things change. A woman in a technician's uniform rushed out from behind some crates, hit Eino in the solar plexus with a wrench while tripping him, shot Dorboslaw in the back with a pistol and brought the wrench down on his head. All of this happened in a second, but this was enough for Janob to react and one thought filled every corner of his concious mind, 'That Whore must Die!'. He ran at full speed and drove his best carving knife into her back.

He felt the exileration of the attack for a fraction of a second, then there was a crack of gunfire, a sudden intense pain on the side of his head and that was the end of Janob Gornislab.


Yuna ran to Inna's aid, pistol in hand and tears flowing down her cheeks. She saw the two men in front of her armed with a board with nails in it, a spear and a few knifes and she pointed it at them. Despite her grief, she remembered that she only had one chambered bullet left. Part of her wanted to get rid of one more of these maniacs, but another block in her mind just managed to over rule them.

"DROP YOUR SHIT AND RUN!" she screamed.

The two rebels saw the grief stricken gun toting Bureaucrat, heard her order and dropped their weapons, threw away their knives ran in the opposite direction as quickly as they could. "Hail Infrastructure! Hail Infrastructure!" one of them cried in fear as he ran in the hope that this might spare him. For them the fight was over. Yuna saw them disappear behind.

"Inna, hold together! We'll get through this!" She said as she cut off part of her coat tail. Inna's only response was a few moans and sputters. "It's maybe two hundred meters to the foundry, we're gonna make it". She extracted the kitchen knife and winced with her at the pain. She bound up the wound as well as her mother showed her all those years ago back in the farm. She carefully reloaded her pistol, took her up and carried her along.

'Why did she have to be so godsdamned stupid' she asked herself in her mind over and over again. She could have avoided that mob and let them go by, but no, she had to try to beat the bastards down. Yuna remembered Inna talking about the time when her village was taken over by Gerulf the Skullsplitter when she was a girl and what she saw that night from behind a chest. Most likely she just wanted to get rid of a couple of men turned monsters and even with only after a few glances at that that fat bastard before and after he died to go with Yuna knew enough about him.

Yuna played it safe. If she could avoid people she did. In on case she could not and she put two bullets in the axeman's chest. Even so she plodded through, snuck through an abandoned workshop and manged to get the foundry wall via a now well guarded fire escape. She kissed her beloved technician on the cheek, gave her over the medics, took a rifle and got the walls to the windows to pick off any rioter who she could see.

Inna died half an hour latter from internal bleeding.

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