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Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Seventy One
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Published: August 19, 2017
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Sergeant Nadia Korsakov sat on a beach, enjoying the evening sun with a novel. A fair number of soldiers had taken to doing so recently. It was only about twenty minutes bike ride from the base and it was a good way to unwind after a long day's work. A few guards had secured the area and it was a nice place to unwind.

"Good evening sergeant." A pleasant tenor voice said. She looked up and saw that a sailor had come over carrying two bottles of Kvas. "Would you rather have mint or strawberry?"

She smiled "Mint, petty officer..."

"Gogol. Dimitri Gogol of the Destroyer." He handed her the bottle and was surprised that it was still cold.

"Nadia Korsakov, Forth Rifle Division." She said as she pulled the stopper. "So, your on Shore Leave?"

"Yeah, the Destroyer rotated off patrols yesterday night."

"Lucky bastard. You'd think it'd be over once the last of those bastards were shot, but we have to drill the companies. They got passion in buckets, mostly respect their leaders and would gut a slaver in a heartbeat, but that's it. All they could do is blaze away, bash and hack. That's before the fact that they're stubborn as all hell and the language barrier. We've gotten the up from Hopeless to Pathetic and hopefully we can get them up to being merely bad."

"Well at least the fighting's over for you footsloggers." Dimitri replied "They're still pirates, raiders and slave traders coming in with loads of captives and we've got to intercept and liberate them. At best the bastards surrender with bad grace and often at least some of them put up a fight. And that's before you get in the holds."

Nadia swallowed a swig. "Well, slaver's aside this is a nice island. Pity about the pests."

"Well at least those pests have been stamped out."

"I'll drink to that" With that they settled into a pleasant exchange which would ultimately lead to in a more up close and private encounter.

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Another great drawing and a nice "slice of life" story.  Wonder if they've got any birch Kvass?
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