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Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred by Imperator-Zor
Daagsgrad's defenses were under the control of Major-General Yuly Mahanivic. Like all of the top staff of Infrastructural Army he was a veteran of the wars of unification, serving with distinction in the Southwestern campaigns while being literate enough to get a commission. Like most men of his breed he had found some difficulty in the switch from facing down warlord's hosts to being parked in front of a desk and to be tasked mostly with day to day administration of the city's garrison, even if he did get to see his wife on a daily basis. At most he had to deal with the occasional riot, but mobs of satisfied tradesmen and labourers armed with household tools that trashed a few stores before scattering like startled sheep after a few volleys and were mostly sorted out by Enforcement in any case. Between 22 and 34 IA occasionally he found himself half wishing for something big would happen to break up the doldrums. As a Drow Fleet blockaded his city and an army on the attack he wondered how stupid those thoughts were.

Even so, he disliked having to run the city's defenses from the war room instead of from the trenches. He was in charge of defenses both against attack both from the sea and on land. So far the Drow ships have just maintained the blockade though they were staying out of cannon range. On land the Dark Elvish army with the aid of a few magical tricks and dragon riders was pressing hard against their defenses. His boys were doing well given the situation, but the Drow Lines were still advancing steadily. On top of everything else there were reports of rioters in the old city.

 A runner came in. "What is it?" He barked in exasperation.

"Sir! We have confirmation on the rioters having firearms in large numbers! They have dug themselves into the merchant quarter and a large group of them is moving to the ports. Many of them carry the old Daagsgrad banner. Enforcement is being overwhelmed and they are killing anyone they suspect of being sympathetic to Infrastructure!"

Yuly put his hand against his temple. This was the last thing in the world he needed. "Have the coastal artillery crews and naval shore personnel been alerted?"

"Yes sir".

"Then alert everyone else you can in the city and send out the carriages. That's all we can do about it now, so damn well get it done!" He got back to work, there was a lot to do hoping that help would arrive soon.

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