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Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Twenty Eight
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Published: October 28, 2013
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The onset of war meant a lot of new projects being started. Some of them were fairly obvious, such as an increase in the production of guns, ships, cannons, uniforms, ammunition and armor, as well as steel, ore, timber and coal to make these things with. At the same time, other projects were delayed, diminished and sometimes even abandoned outright in service of armament. This rapid change of plans meant plenty of work, especially for Engineers.

Natasha Smedth knew this well, she soon found herself involved a series of projects. Some of them were fairly basic, such as overseeing the instillation of new lights in a newly created factory. But they were rushed, which meant long hours, few breaks and little time for sleep when all was done. Others, like the one she found herself involved in for the last two months was more complex on top of being rushed. As she made her rounds about the factory she noticed that things were finally proceeding somewhat smoothly, though there was still no shortage of work to do here.

She had been fortunate in this regard compared to a few other fields. Most of her workers were fairly skilled and broken into factory work. They were transferred from other areas such as Roadsteamer production and among their ranks with a decent number of trained machinists and technicians. Many other engineers had to make due with large numbers of fresh numbers of untrained peasants who had a hard time grasping the idea of working to the clock. She seldom had to tell someone to do something again properly. There was also the erratic delivery of components from the steel mills. Even so it appeared that what needed to be done was happening. The work that the lasses and lads were doing was up to snuff. both as components were assembled and as the completed hole came together. Hopefully, things would soon be ready for testing by the end of the month. She was quite pleased to see the boiler be put into unit number two.

In total, three test units were being assembled, with more undoubtedly planned. Either based around this design if things went well or using a new design if things did not. For security's sake, most of the workers were given only bits and pieces of the final design appropriate to what they were doing. People who worked on the engines knew about engine components and similar. It was an idea that her father and her had talked about at times, based on an observations about the Roadsteamers and tractors used to help carry supplies to feed and arm the army in the field. With war, the Committee was making these speculations a reality to help defend itself. Hopefully her father would appreciate what she was doing here once the completed units were sent to the front.……
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Something tells me that the Cotton-Top's land warfare plans are going to -tank-...
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