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Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Two by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Two by Imperator-Zor
As the Nightdrakes became clear the Infrastructurals made their response. Rifles barked, automatic weapons blared, cannons fitted to special mounts roared and lead, copper and cast iron hailshot rose in the air to meet the flying beasts. Eight of the Drow Dragonknights decided to come down to try to burn incinerate Infrastructural cannons and troops, three made it back up into the air after their strafing run. Powerful beasts they were and they did burn men alive and send others running. But the closer they were the easier it was to score hits. The others appeared to be more cautious. Staying above the action and sending down lightning and arrows, not being able to cause as much panic or damage but much harder to hit, despite the thousands of rounds which went skywards every minute.

Most of the anti aircraft defenses were simply fairly conventional infrastructural weapons weapons turned upwards, but there were a few others specifically designed to repel airborne attacks. There were cannons modified overgrown shotguns and a few Type-3A Heavy Automatic Weapons. There were eight of these weapons in Daagsgrad's defenses out of twenty three weapons in all of Infrastructure. One of which was manned by corporal Pavel Hansov and Private Sova. When everyone else was acting frantically at the dragon attack, he and Lieutenant Kyliskro had been ready for this. The Lieutenant watched the skies tracking the beasts.  "Two groups of two going east at 3 Hours!" He yelled to be heard through their padded helmets, along with similar remarks, turning the left side crank occasionally to bring it to bear. Pavel did so as well keeping track of them and judging distance until they came into range, adjusting the elevation and finding his target and then he pulled the trigger cord.

Then the gun blared. Pavel did not know it but he had the honor of firing this weapon for the first time in combat conditions. Ever time it did so Pavel winced. Even through his padded helmet it was loud, though he could also feel the vibration of the thing with each shot, three hundred of them a minute. Each one of the 15x100mm bullets it shot out flew skywards with four times the force of a rifle round. The overwhelming majority of those that he fired missed, but those that did not definitely made an impact.

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Euel Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015
Something like our "Quad .50" anti-aircraft rigs...
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