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Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Three by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Three by Imperator-Zor
It was not long before Overseer Zailjan ti'Klorvas could hear in the distance the sound of explosions and a dull roar of thunder. It was largely overshadowed by the more nearby sounds of an advancing army, but it was there and they got louder as time went on and was overshadowed by the marching army. As they moved forward it got louder and smaller sounds could be heard, among them a steady series of pops in the distance and the roars of dragons. Some of which sounded a bit off, but in any case it was impossible to make out what was in front of them as the wall of fog continued forward. As such she continued...

"Keep moving!" She barked as she cracked  her whip for sound. So far the Janissaries she had been charged with had been proceeding forward at a steady pace as was to be expected. A reminder of what would happen to them if they stopped. The pain incentive was to be held back for now at least as there was no pressing need for it. So far so good, especially since most of this lot are new and untested conscripts. She did not have any love for her charges and her air about them was always one of an unyielding taskmaster who was to be feared more than the surmountable enemies they were sent against, but she knew that the sting of the whip that was not always needed and that using it when unneeded carried a fair number of risks.

Zailjan was born to one of Galthirith's minor houses, a low ranking vassal without the more typical specialization who sent it's sons and daughters into whatever field they had the skills for to try to gain an upper hand. For her this was a military career in the city's regiments and after a few years of service promotion to Janissary Overseer. He parents were thrilled to hear this, but she had more mixed feelings. Janissary Overseers was typically where the state armies got most of their Officers, though they also had casualty rates that were close to those of their slave soldier wards. In particular she had her worries against these Infrastructurals, But regardless above all else she knew that she could not show any sign of weakness among her mob of sixteen. She could feel the fear radiating off their minds about what was coming, though fortunately their discipline was holding. Hopefully it would stay that way.

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