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Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Seven by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Seven by Imperator-Zor
Behind the masses of Janissaries were a hundred and forty companies of Drow soldiers. There were a few elite companies, but most of them were fairly common drow soldiers of which were well armed and armored. Those that did not get runic armor got a strengthening buff for their breastplates that would last for a few hours. Talsi ti'Xolcas of House Yanthrath's Amethyst Bows was lucky among her company in that she had the latter. She was from a minor warrior house who's main function was to raise up warriors for the forces of their patron house and by dint of slaying an High Elven swordsman (as well as a few humans) she had earned the privilege to be able wear one of the family's runic curiasses. She was quite proud of herself as were her fellows in her company, even if most of them were houseless sworn swords and those who were serving out their required terms of service.

As the name led one to believe, the Amethyst Bows was a company of archers, one of fifty six such companies in the army.  She had to concede that they were not the best archers, but they were good enough against this foe. Most of the rest of the Drow forces were rifles. In her opinion firearms were useful weapons, especially the new ones, but they were still inferior to a good Dark Elven longbow in the hands of a skilled archer. She was genuinely impressed by Infrastructural cannons and rockets which had blown apart a decent number Janissaries and even some Drow warriors. Even so she was glad that the Dragons had managed to thin out the cannons that they had. Even so, she would show them a thing or two about war

About two kilometers from the Infrastructural lines the company formed up into a line and they notched their arrows, drew back their strings readied their spells. This battle warranted a good solid range booster and a basic explosive spell, both of which she could cast in her sleep. She was slightly disappointed that she was told not to do anything fancy, but she saw the logic of this given the sparse local background magic and the needs of the battle. Behind her, her captain barked a single word.


And she let go.
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Tsumerai-Kyon Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Interesting story, seems like an interesting series.

Armor is
pretty good but I don't think pointy gaunlets where that helpful,
especially if used by archers. I would go with what they use in real
life, which could be plate on the back but mostly chain and leather on
the rest.
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