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Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Eight by Imperator-Zor Infrastructure: Part One Hundred and Ninety Eight by Imperator-Zor
"There's plenty to kill up here Corporal!" Private Choborvich said to Fedrov Snekarov as he ducked down to reload. Fredov said nothing as he popped back up, leveled his gun, fired and went back down. There was a distinction between caution and you could not fight on if one of that mass of slaves got a lucky shot. Unfortunately he also knew that the two were often hard to make out. In any case this was not a time for reprimanding the kid who was getting off a good rate of fire by keeping his gun level on his shoulder getting off shot after shot after shot.

In truth he was more spooked by the Dragons riders than the onslaught marching towards him. Those coal black fire spewing reptilian winged nightmares hit you on a primal level. Even when they were shot down they had a horrible scream that you never wanted to hear again. In spite of that, he knew the army ahead of him to be the bigger threat. After the mist had passed he had managed to get a few shots at the enemy formation before he heard above him the wizz of bullets. Most of them missed, but he heard someone scream to the right and decided that there was still a risk in exposing himself while reloading. That was what these trenches were for in any case and you could do nothing if you were dead.

Even so, it seemed like their numbers were endless. He saw plenty of the bastards fall either from gunfire or as shells exploded in their ranks, but even so there was always a whole lot of them moving headlong their way. Moreover he remembered the briefing on drow forces, specifically their attitudes towards their slave soldiers. If the price of victory was the expenditure of every last Janissary in an army so be it. As long as there were Drow to urge them on they would be driven forward until they were all dead. On top of everything he had other worries. Running out of ammo was something he feared, but addition to his curiass's pouches he also had stuffed his pockets full of bullets and a couple boxes of the stuff. He was more worried about fouling. You were supposed to give your rifle a good clean out after fifty shots. They had each had a spare rifle laying by their feet and they were going to send guys to swab them out, but even so he had worries about that.

All this on top of the Choborvich's comment began to percolate in his Fredov's mind as a reassessment of his actions. Was he being too squeamish? Sure there was some gunfire from their muskets and some haphazard cannonades and that could kill him, but on the other hand there was a bigger chance of those Janissaries doing so if they got up close and personal. As he put the new cartridge in he considered keeping his gun and himself in firing position.

The he heard a stranger sound, saw in the air glowing double helixes shoot through the air and several wooden cracks which gave him a second's pause. In that time one of them happened real close to him. Something dinged his helmet and he heard Choborvich scream in pain. He saw him stagger with his hand over his face.

"MY EYES!" he yelled. Worse still he heard a few more such screams in the background

As Fredov went up to you get off another shot he yelled "MEDIC! MAN DOWN!" He assumed these were explosive spell charged arrows. They were not too powerful, arrow shaft splinters don't have too much and given that he saw a few of them go off a fair bit in front of him he knew they were not accurate. Even so it would be best to keep one's head down while reloading, which he soon found was a sentiment that others in his squad agreed with.

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