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Infrastructure: Part Ninty Two
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Published: March 12, 2013
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Corporal Vanef Hollgofson walked up the stairs on the newly completed wall and went on patrol as a wall sentry, grateful that his life was now that much easier than it was a few days ago. Coldlanders were use to hard work as a general rule and soldiers were definitely no exception. When there was no drilling or fighting to do the committee found some job for them to work at, building roads or Garrisons or whatever. But the new base required considerable effort. Everyone of the new settlers had a job to do in setting up a new town, as well as the soldiers and even some of the sailors. Only the sick and medics, nurses and Detail were exempt. On a patch of Dry land they set up a camp, cleared out various bits of scrub in the way. Then timbers were felled, fields plowed, Crate shacks were put up as well as various log cabins, surrounded by a wall of logs with clay and grass stuck between them and rammed earth towers, including a few battlements for cannons in case of attack by sea.

They had arrived about a month ago and now the place was finally shaping up into something like a town. There were fields around the place were wheat was growing and, for reasons that he dimly understood relating to the world being a ball and sunlight coming in at angles, summer was coming here while the Coldlands were moving into winter. There were no children living here but given that there was a fair number of women brought along as well as a couple of teachers, Vanef figured that would change soon enough. Somewhat surprisingly, Discovery had arrived aboard a strange vaguely seed shaped device with fins like sails, meaning that two members of the Committee were overseeing this project.

There were some things to look out for. There were people here, bronze skinned and raven haired men and women who wore blankets as clothes armed with strange mounts, lances, bows, slings and something that he was not sure was a short long bladed spear or a long hilted short bladed sword. Fortunately, most of them were more interested in Trade and were keen on liquor and iron goods. There were also the beasts, most of which were strange things. Especially the Great Birds. Fortunately there was nothing that a few bullets would sort out, at least yet.

These would be more of a risk to him tomorrow. If the town itself was besieged, there were walls, automatics and cannons, both based in the settlement itself and onboard the ships which floated out in the river. Now, the Committee had plans to send a team a bit more than a kilometer inland to set up one of the rigs they had brought across the sea tomorrow. Apparently for what they came all this distance to get in the first place.

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