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Flintlock Jezail by Imperator-Zor Flintlock Jezail by Imperator-Zor
A multitude of small human clans exist in the mountainous areas that lay between the Naga Rajs and the Qanthrathi emirites in the southern Dragonspine mountains. These live alongside a couple of scattered minor Dwarven hold in isolated valleys farming, herding goats and farming in the dry highlands. Some of these follow obscure schools of Qanthrathi law, some are ruled by Naga priestesses, some are ruled by clan councils or by local dynasties. What they have in common is a set of constant small scale wars. They frequently fight among themselves and often launch raids to against the more developed neighbors. Oddly enough they have an aversion to raiding caravans, though they frequently accuse their neighbors of doing so as a causus beli. Fighters in these conflicts ride stout ponies in loose raiding parties and use traditional weapons such as composite bows, spears, scimitars, axes and maces, but also are rather keen on ceramic grenades and firearms. Most of these are imported, but local gunsmiths make a respectable number on their own, most of these are Jezails such as this one. In recent years they've begun to add basic cap and flintlock mechanisms to what had traditionally been low caliber matchlocks. Jezails often used in hunting and the hunters find apply the same skills they acquired stocking mountain goats, giant hyraxes and shaggy antelope.

Save for the Dwarven Holds, these clans sell captives into slavery, sending them to markets to the West and the South on the caravans. Either way many of them often end up in the holds of Dark Elvish slave-ships, trading a variety of good for them, most notably guns. The standard Infrastructural Textbook Peoples of the Known World (Version 2, published in 35 IA) lists these clans as being in many ways similar to those of the pre-Infrastructural Coldlands and like them they suffer from political chaos, division, constant wars and the ravages of the slave trade.
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