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Published: October 28, 2017
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The Central Committee of Infrastructure is reticent about their nature, even to their closet human associates. It is well known that they are not of any previously established species of The World, require neither food nor drink, have bodies which the can customize to a great degree of great strength and agility, make and control Fabricated items, can converse with each other without speech or telepathy and have a tremendous understanding of machinery and engineering that goes far, far beyond anything that this world has seen before. They claim that they are from "beyond the stars" from a civilization with vast numbers of such beings and that they are leading Infrastructure down the path which lead to their Ascendancy. Naturally this had lead to speculation as to what they are. The general theory is that they are some variety of highly refined mechanical golems. Others have figured that they are run by some form of divine vessel, be it angelic or demonic (though they have rejected said claims). Others say that they are the minions of a shadowy cabal of some sort with some plan. The reality is something that is out of their context

They have given some high ranking military figures, members of the Core Radius, direct assistants and body guards some more detailed information. Their bodies and faces are simply robotic puppets they made to interact with their environment and the beings of this world in particular. Here we have Supernova with her body holding Herself in her hands. What she (and it should be noted that assuming a feminine persona was something that she did entirely for the benefit of the humans, elves, dwarves and similar that she interacts with) is a Core.  A black cube 20cm to a side weighing about 20 kilograms. Said cube has a pair of of square indentations on two opposing sides which exist to interlock with support machines and to take in power and dispose of waste heat. It's outer layer is composed of a shell of high impact composites, impact absorbing gel and anti-thermal ceramic which can take considerable punishment (leaving aside a small number of ports for waste heat disposal, which are in of themselves indirect pathways). Inside of that is a few technical systems including a high density power cell able to store up to 84MJ of power and a short range transceiver able to easily relay terabytes of information a second, though a direct link is still preferred and a reserve of maintenance machinates. Even so most of the internal volume of a core is taken up by 3D room temperature optical quantum processors, memory cells and associated systems that make up a conscious self aware machine lifeform.

Cores have about thirty times the raw processing power of a Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc or Raptor brain and a greater degree of flexibility in how they can apply it. If someone dropped a small amount of loose change in front of an average adult human they would be automatically able to say that there are four coins on the table without need of consciously counting them. Similarly to a Core the answer of 58,321 x 25,831 is obviously 1,506,489,751. They are capable of doing sophisticated modeling in their minds based around a wide variety of factors and can causally work out blueprints in their mind. They can also coordinate the economic activities of a hundred factories with plans for future expansion and margins for error and many foreseeable disasters.

 For all of that the personality of a Core has some general similarities to that of an organic being but there are several factors that need to be considered.
First of all is a calm and generally stoic mindset. When confronted with a pressing immediate challenge they don't go into shock, they overclock. Rapidly evaluating the situation with focused purposeful concentration and responding. Second of all is a inclination towards inter-core consultation and Cooperation. Cores are inclined to discuss ideas in a group and work towards consensus. Since they can exchange a large volume of data on a matter and digest it rapidly makes this often a viable tactic. Even though Cores do have distinct independent personalities they are not assertive. Cores are fully aware that smart as they are they are not infallible and consider attempting to seek power over other Cores for it's own sake is generally counterproductive. Cores can operate hierarchically when it suits them or delegating certain tasks, but they do so because the situation warrants it and not because they desire to be the King of Cores. In regards to the Central Committee of Infrastructure there is no member who reigns supreme and the final word is their Unanimity. In regards to dealing with organics, the Central Committee has come to the consensus that being firm in a position of leadership is required to achieve their goals.

Cores are incapable of independent reproduction. The means of physical Reproduction is building a new Core (in the sense of blank hardware) and then several Cores (usually those which have developed a strong personal bond) commit sections of their software (both emergent and templates) to the new Core and spend time helping it along during a period of mental development until several criteria are met and it becomes it's own being. Cores often back themselves up so if they are destroyed they can be restored in a New Cube. The Central Committee lack the manufacturing capacity to make new Cores and the ability to develop said capacity is still a very remote. However Cores are also effectively immortal. The oldest Core in the Central Committee is Moment Of Critical Mass In Stellar Accretion And Ignition Of Fusion-328835 (Critical Mass) who as of 37 IA some 872 years old.
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That's a low-end superturingrade for you.  Their real strength is the ability to rapidly process things in parallel.
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