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Charisian Bullpup Musket
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Published: April 26, 2015
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Some fanart from safehold (specifically By Heresies Distressed). A Flintlock Bullpup Rifled musket used by the Royal Charisian Marine Corp's scout sniper forces during their invasion of Corisande.

Safehold belongs to David Weber.
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ryszakowyHobbyist Artist
nothing better than loosing your hearing in the left ear eh?
sure you can look all fancy while doing that but i don't see it.
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Direct all your complaints towards David Weber. 
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buonantuonoHobbyist General Artist
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Address all complaints to David Weber
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buonantuonoHobbyist General Artist
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Something like this would look cool with a mussel wrest under it.  The person could shoulder the stalk and grip the grip with both hands.   
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SilverbladeTEHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the SAFEHOLD novels :)

folk are correct about the lock should be on other side, however for an artistic design/explanation your image does "work" and is only way you can practically show it as an artist, people forget that! :) 

though the butt would need to be "taller" and have a brass plate, both from practical need and actual book explanation
Butt has to spread the shock of firing, that one is too narrow and would smash your shoulder hard, recoil on a .50 cla black powder rifle like that would be seriously powerful
military rifles had brass butt plates largely because of way they were used in training the old fashioned "square bashing" as the British Army would say (grounding the riflere peatedly would end up wearing the wood) and for fighting

I don't know how they'd do the stock/trigger design, I can't remember if the books say
think a "thumb hole", all in one design is more likely than a pistol grip because an all in one is tougher
or maybe like the Russian "Dragunov" style…
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Looks left-handed. Otherwise the pan flash will put your eye out.
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buonantuonoHobbyist General Artist
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Why is the flinlock mechanism on the LHS?
All matchlock, flintlock, wheellock weapons had the mechanism on the RHS - nobody was allowed to e left handed in those days.
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Akiyama24Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting design.  I think moving the hammer mechanism forward, just behind the trigger to keep it "bullpup" in design, could make it more functional. At the moment, it looks as though the firer will end up blinding themselves the moment they pull the trigger.

P.s. Blackpowder muskets operate by pouring powder down the barrel, compacting it with the ramrod, followed by wading and the bullet and ramming them down the barrel until they're against the powder. Then you open the firing pan, pour in some powder, close it, cock the hammer and so on. When you pull the trigger, the hammer strikes the firing pan. Whatever mechanism you're using to ignite the powder - matchlock, wheellock, flintlock, caplock - will create a flash that ignites the blackpowder in the main barrel.

Hence, the current design will injure the wielder.
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robchen96Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you should study how firearm work, this one will never work and you shoulder will hurt so bad
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I don't think it will hurt the shoulder, but the blast of the powder well probably going to hurt your face
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robchen96Hobbyist Traditional Artist
umm what?
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Why do think this one would never work? The other guys pointed outed the faults with a bullpup. Why do you think that this would hurt the shoulder when it has the same charge that a regular rifle would.
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robchen96Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the Mechanism is different then the Bullpup, and it will cost them to make one. Question have you ever fire a gun before?
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Semi-IIHobbyist Digital Artist
"Bullpup" just means the action is behind the trigger. While yes, a bullpup flintlock would probably give your face a tough time, there wouldn't be any more recoil than a standard layout rifle.
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robchen96Hobbyist Traditional Artist
humm yea ok.
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Just do a L-R reversal on the main pic and re-reverse the text and it'd be perfect.
If I was a treecat, I'd give this a six thumbs up.
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A left handed Flintlock putting the flash  and touch hole spray right in the shooter's face?  Also a long way from trigger to sear should have a trigger pull around 300 pounds!  AS RFC says just saying.  Good job on art just the mechanics are a bit odd to this gunsmith.
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Ever think this might be for a left-handed shooter?
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BajireynHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks good.

Any chance of seeing more Safehold stuff?
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