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COBRA starship Coatl by Imperator-Zor COBRA starship Coatl by Imperator-Zor
And now for a crossover that i've got stewing in my mind.

The better part of a century before Zephram Cochrane launched the Pheonix, another human mind had teased out the secrets of warp theory. During the COBRA wars of the 1980s the renegade scientist Dr. Mindbender had managed to unlock the principles of Warp Travel. While the rest of COBRA's leadership was initially hesitant on it's utility towards the aim of global domination, eventually Cobra Commander saw it's usefulness in an emergency measure. As such between 1990 and 1993 COBRA assembled the Coatl. Work on this was done mostly by B.A.T.s and other robots wherever practical and by highly compartmentalized human labor for most of the rest. As things became more desperate for COBRA in the final stages of the COBRA wars Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Zartan, Doctor Mindbender, Destro and Storm Shadow as well as 594 COBRA scientists, engineers, technicians, vipers, physicians and other specialists as well as 200 B.A.T.s, a playload of high end industrial equipment, vehicles, seedstock, a genebank and a set of 32 exowombs. The final battle of the COBRA wars as a delaying action to allow the Coatl to launch. To clear the atmosphere, the Coatl used a nuclear pulse drive based on the earlier Project Orion to clear the atmosphere, then it deployed it's for warp nacelles and jumped to warp, using a set of drive charges as a smokescreen as it vanished from RADAR.

During it's launch most of the computers which held it's blueprints or any information on Warp Theory were destroyed. Even so one was specifically spared, though it's information was only partially correct. It described the Coatl as an orion pulse drive craft meant to evacuate a section of COBRA from the earth, though it's intended destination was Mars. The Warp Nacelles were described as a set of cooling systems. After the escape there was some who posited that the Coatl had been outfitted with a cloaking device, but as scans and probes found no evidence of any presence being established by COBRA on the red planet or elsewhere in the solar system these the general consensus on earth was that the Coatl destroyed itself in it's escape attempt.

Meanwhile the Coatl began it's thirty six year journey and six times the speed of light. Most of it's crew would remain in stasis, with only a small number of engineers and technicians awake at any one time working in shifts. Due to conflict with the Andorians, the Vulcans were unable to maintain scientific surveys of Sol System. It would latter be noted that at least one Andorian ship on a long rage scouting mission detected the Coatl during it's voyage and got a good scan of it, but gave it little consideration due to the fact that it was away from their territory and the comparatively primitive craft posed no threat. Baring a few minor mechanical failures the voyage was uneventful until the Coatl arrived in the Cobra System, delivering it's crew to Cobra Prime. After arrival the Coatl unloaded it's cargo and jettisoned it's fusion reactor to touch down on the planet's surface. The hull of the Coatl would decades latter serve as a space station and would gradually be cannibalized for raw materials in the creation of a Cobra Prime shipyards.

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Euel Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017
Nice alt timeline!
HypnoHunter Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Great idea!
If COBRA cannot dominate the Earth, then the COBRA Empire must begin among the Stars!
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