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Battlesteamer no. 62 (Remember Daagsgrad!) by Imperator-Zor Battlesteamer no. 62 (Remember Daagsgrad!) by Imperator-Zor
This Battlesteamer was completed in January of 37 IA, one of a batch of eight such vehicles ordered by the Central Committee that were the first combat ready motorized vehicles of the Infrastructural army to be outfitted with rubber components, most notably a set of pneumatic tires. There was a fair bit of experimentation involved in this design, with this one making use of two different sized of tire, four small ones in the front and two larger ones in the back. In general the tires have been well received, making for a smoother ride. It's numeric designation was assigned on delivery, being the 62nd battlesteamer delivered. It's semi-official name was given by it's crew when they painted it on it's.

No. 62 is about five meters long, weighs 5.1 tonnes and has a crew of three (Driver, Gunner and Commander). As is typical it's has a Type-2A Automatic Weapon in a turret as her main weapon. It has a 30kw alcohol burning steam engine and a top speed of 42km/h connected with the rear wheels. It's general reliability and fuel economy is higher than that of earlier models due to experience, improved tools being used in her manufacture and the addition of rubber components. As is standard she has a rest on it's back which contains an keg of alcohol to extend it's range long distance. Thanks to an improved boiler design it only takes about 10 minutes for No. 62 to build up enough steam.

Battlesteamer no. 62 was notable for being the first Infrastructural Battlesteamer deployed abroad, being used in the Liberation of Avesia where it was involved in the liberation of four plantations and was used in several parades. In general it was deemed to be a success, but there were problems. First of all there was the logistics of unloading the craft without port facilities. Avesia's terrain is hilly and the roads are at best little better than dirt paths. There was some concern about concealed artillery destroying it and the associated embarrassment that would come with it. There was also the matter of heat. Temperatures in Avesia during the campaign averaged out at about thirty degrees and on a few occasions could get hotter. When combined with humidity, the effects of direct sunlight on it's hull, three people working in close quarters in an enclosed space and the vehicle's engine the result was to the effect of a Sauna. Even with the heating system disengaged, an electric fan on full power, relaxed uniform policies and plenty of bottles of water and Kvas the crew often had a sweaty miserable time operating this vehicle.
Euel Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018
Nice battle-wagon!  Reminds me of the pre-WWI armored cars.  I suspect the rear spare is stowed above the rear axle.  I'd be tempted to upgrade the fan in later models, but I wouldn't mind sweating more than a little to be able to put a bullet into a Cotton-top or a Slaver!
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