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Fidelium shanty
This crude structure was Fidelium set up by it's settlers in it's early days. The former slaves that made up the bulk of the population had little experience setting up improvised structures (their masters prefer to build structures that can last for several centuries with care), though they did have some assistance from the mercenaries and Janissaries in kludging together shelter. A fair bit of effort was expended piling up flat rocks to make half of one wall before rain had forced the builders to go for something that could be set up. In this case this was the sides of larger crates (most of which for Valcas goods) and pallets hammered onto a rough frame of planks and timber and augmented with straw local branches and a wad of waxed paper bags held together with pins. A rain barrel is set aside to collect drinking water. The result of which was a small space enclosed against the wind and most of the rain in which a few items of use can be stored. A basic work table was put up in there by some carpenters. It's a step up from a tent, but not by much. At this early stage many the first wave of ex-slave settlers remember their barracks fondly. Never the less as time passes better dwellings can be contrived.
Cybrats: the thing that changed Skavendom
One day in the depths of Skavenblight, a Warlock Engineer managed to steal enough information from his rivals so that when combined with his own ideas yielded some novel concepts. These were in turn usurped by his senior most apprentice when he arranged for him to fall into a vat of acid on one of Skyre's factory complexes. This upstart saw the potential for this and added to it work done by one of his rivals who'd been experimenting with new number calculating engines and an amusing new technology which one of his apprentices had been working on for keeping track of the slave pits and the movements of rivals. Over a period of several years three hundred sixty nine Skavenslaves, forty eight clanrats, Six suppliers who tried to sell him inferior components and eight lackluster pupils were expended in the effort dying on the operating table, but this was a sacrifice that any Warlock Engineer would routinely make. In this case, however the results were beyond his wildest dreams.

What he worked on in that time was not a new weapon, but a computational machine which was linked to an electric camera and to skaven's brains through a series of fine electrodes and to a larger computational engine via radio. It received transmissions, interpreted them and executed sequences which fed into the brain. Some of them were triggers for simple conditioned actions (walk, run, turn, fight, eat, pick up, put down) as well stimulating the brain pleasure and pain. At first the Warlock Engineer tried working exclusively with pain, but the result was eventual breakdown. Verbal commands were fed into the modified skaven via an ear speaker. A Camera Feed was fed back where it would be displayed on Cathode Ray Tube monitors. Dozens of which would soon fill the Engineer's personal sanctum.

These devices were expensive and the success rate in instillation was never better than 25%. Never the less this machinery represented a critical development for the Skaven. These Cybernetically modified Rats (or Cybrats) had one critical advantage, through lobotomy and aggressive conditioning in a training phase Cybrats were made utterly docile and obedient. The Warlock Engineer soon found that he could easily make a Cybrat pick up a rock, wonder across the room, put it down, pick it up again, go back, set it down again and continue doing that task over and over again until it starved to death. When he finally got Cybrats that had the skills to modify skaven into Cybrats, the Engineer sequestered himself away and reigned over his section of Clan Skcryer with Cybrats as his enforcers, slave drivers, specialized and guards which could not be bribed, threatened or scared off.

Of course, while having fifty or so loyal Cybrats lording over a thousand more apprentices, clanrats and slaves was impressive, it did catch the attention of higher ranked Skaven such as Ikit Claw who could easily command thousands of warriors. As such he was soon making Cybrat equipment for sale to others, which was in turn duplicated by others. Those that acquired said equipment built for themselves sanctums equipped with numerous screens in which they managed their domains through their electronically controlled puppets and only ventured out under heavy guard and with miniaturized control units. Those beneath them now faced a new tyranny even by the ruthless standards of the sakven as their masters now in effect had many bodies as well as the looming peril of being selected one day for Cybrat modification. Secretly they masses of Skavenblight aspired to have Cybrats of their own, but for the lower classes of Skavenblight promotion became an even rarer prospect.

Warhammer belongs to Games Workshop
A Glukkon executive smoking a cigar and observing reports on a monitor as he manages his section of a massive factory complex producing Slig Pants with it's workforce primarilly composed of Mudokon slaves. On the one hand business had been doing well given that many factories in the Magog Cartel are beefing up security, even so there are some...unsettling reports of escapes and insurgencies.

Oddworld belongs to Oddworld Inhabitants
Darksirens, Children of the Sea of Eternal Night
Through the cold of interstellar space floated a gas giant that would be known as Warmhub, quietly orbiting the galactic core every hundred million years. Around it floated over a hundred moons, one of which would be known as Greatcake*. It's surface was an airless expanse of glacier not far away from absolute zero, however there was more to this world than a mere inert lump, for tidal forces provided the moon with a steady source of geothermal energy. Beneath it's icecaps was a vast pitch black ocean warmed from within and in this sea life had arisen and found away. Eventually one species emerged with considerable intelligence and a set of mouth mounted manipulators. Their communications were sonic and in their way musical, but well removed from anything a set of human vocal cords could make. They had many names for themselves, but for sake of simplicity they are known as Darksirens.

They eventually worked out how to farm and make sophisticated tools from the bottom dwelling creatures which were the foundation of the biosphere, thus beginning their long history of Civilization. Never the less without fire their ascension was a slow one drawn out over three hundred thousand years involving complicated husbandry of the various fauna of their world to meet their needs. They had a working understanding of DNA before they produced their first metal knife. Never the less, by the time of the Seventeeth Empire of Greatcake they had accumulated the knowledge and the equipment to begin their most ambitious project, the exploration of the surface. The previous empire and several prominent nations beforehand had made attempts, but these had failed. Never the less they were able to bore through the kilometer thick ice sheet above their world and send forth their explorers. First were specially constructed null pressure bio-mechanical probes which established their presence topside and established basecamps. Sensor towers discovered the long Theorized Warmhub. Using specialized electromagnetic receptors, they took notice of the millions of distant Radiants, vast spheres of fusing gas lost in the immensity of the incomprehensible sky.

Following their workers came the first Darksirens to leave their home. To survive in this alien enviroment free of medium in which to swim, the explorers had to be extensively surgically and cybernetically modified, permanently encased in a polymer suit in which flipper bases were modified into locomotor pillars ("legs" as other species would refer to them) to drag them along in a largely two dimensional enviroment. Living in domed structures they toiled, studying and collecting reports of their small planetary neighborhood, these beings were the Topsiders. Eventually components were sent up to the surface and assembled into test beds. Their brothers and sisters beneath applied theory to design craft powered by the rapid combustion of chemicals which allowed them to reach beyond Greatcake and fly to other moons. Eventually mining stations were established powered by fusion reactors, which supplied Topside factories with raw materials and provided products to those beneath them. But this was only the beginning of their efforts. Eventually they established gas mining stations in orbit of Warmhub and large orbital factories produced scaffolding and components for a mammoth construction project. Using high pressure containment vessels largely unmodified Darksirens were taken topside and loaded into a spherical habitat module over 200 meters across, part of a craft which included habitation bays for Topsider technicians and engineers.

Less than 200 terran years after the first bore pierced Greatcake's worldspanning ice cap, hundreds of thousands of Topsiders turned their heads to the sky and with them their optical sensors. Said information was processed differently for them than it would for species to whom vision had evolved naturally. Never the less they observed as a drive plume illuminated their dark world, propelling it's payload of settlers to a Radiant a light year distant. Their astronomy had detected a rocky world orbiting a distance in which the Radiant's energy would melt ice, but not boil it away which had deep seas rich in oxygen. A world warmed from without rather than from within was an interesting concept to them, but regardless they would make it their own.

*A rough approximation, the notion is was that the world was composed of strata like a vast food object to which "Cake" is the best linguistic fit.
Ruhar Trooper
A Ruhar Trooper from Expeditionary Force. This gal is from a race of fur bearing aliens known by humans as (among other things) Hamsters. They have the distinction of being the first alien species humanity made contact with when they launched a raid on earth on Columbus Day, spacecraft took out a number of power generating stations, logistical hubs and centers of manufacturing with landing teams being deployed to take out smaller targets. In general they went out of their way to avoid inflicting unnecessary civilian casualties. Several Ruhar soldiers were taken prisoner during that raid, but were ultimately repatriated after the arrival of Kristang forces.

The Standard Ruhar soldier is clad in basic power armor and uses a particle beam rifle as their standard weapon with a magnetically assisted rocket launcher as a secondary system for dealing with harder targets. Their armed forces are as a rule solid and professional. Human soldiers would latter fight against and eventually alongside the Ruhar.

Expeditionary Force belongs to Craig Alanson
Well I got more than 1,000,000 Deviation Views, which was a goal of mine and I gotta thank everyone who's seen my art and liked it.

Shame that this had to happen within 24 hours of the passing of my mom.
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Leighton Michael White
I am a Canadian science fiction fan with an interest in history living in Winnipeg Manitoba. I like to draw to put my ideas into visual form.


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