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Poor Fellow of the Order of the Sunset Sword

While the Knights of the Order of the Sunset Sword provided it's cavalry and it's officers, they only made up about 20% of the Order Militant's manpower. The rest being made up of Poor Fellows. Poor fellows were drawn from the common folk of the Charleterre's population, though occasionally noble born members of the Order's Militant would be demoted to their ranks if the caused too much trouble. Like the Knights of the Order the term of service is twenty years which could be extended. Unlike the Order's Knights (who's families often sent extra money beyond their taxes to The Order support them in their oaths of poverty) they received a much lower amount of funding per man in terms of equipment. By the 18th century armor beyond a helmet and gorgets had been abandoned by the poor fellows, leaving them with only a tabard and clothes in white and blue as acceptable.

This Poor Fellow is armed with a Flintlock blunderbuss and a Falchion. The former is an effective weapon for boarding actions and fights in towns and forests where accuracy is less important than stopping power and projecting a cone of death with each shot can be a useful asset when faced with multiple foes close up. The Falchion was simply a common variety of sword which the Orders Militant adopted in France centuries ago and retained as the prefered close combat weapon of their Poor Fellows. Even so line infantry had become more common.

Service in the Poor Fellows was voluntary and there was rarely a shortage of recruits. Life among the Poor Fellows is hard, but then again so was life as a peasant on the estates. Those families which provided a recruit for the the Poor Fellows received considerable tax breaks and one of their sons could receive an education, opening up new opportunities. Many members were also repentants who were given a choice between service to the order on the battlefield or some other punishment. Finally there was a prospect for advancement, as one could rise form peasantry into nobility through service with poor fellows being Knighted on a fairly regular basis. Though the basic individual knighthood which was handed out in such a manner was as a default non hereditary, it did open up a lot of doors for a future political career as well as making one a major marriage target by the daughters of Charleterre's merchant class or low class knightly families.
Knight of the Order of the Sunset Sword

Arising from the social and political upheaval of Post Cataclysm Europe, what would become the Church of France emerged around Paris, was given official recognition in 1008 and would spend the next century establishing itself in the shattered kingdom in a century and a half of blood. It's most notable feature (outside of adopting a two barred cross as it's symbol) was the elevation of Charlemagne and his veneration as an icon of the ideal of a Holy Warrior who spread the word of god by the sword and defended the faithful against heathens and heretics. Despite facing fierce competition and several setbacks, most of France was eventually brought into line and various other sects as well as a smattering of Muslim enclaves along the southern coast were conquered. Once this was achieved however a downside manifested itself, as the King of France did not  need to simply need to deal with managing his vassal lords, but also a church which had a prominent faith militant on top of it's financial and spiritual authority. While it was a considerable defensive asset it was also often a liability and kingmaker. There were several civil wars between 1180 and 1426 in which the church played a significant role in starting or escalating. The final of which involved a schism in the church itself between the more passive sections of it with the backing of much of the nobility and the more militant groups and most of the Church Militant with it with the latter side ultimately loosing after three bloody years. The result was a reformation of the Church of France, which resulted in a major curbing of the size and influence of the Militant Orders. This however left a problem of a large number of dissatisfied and quite dogmatic soldiers which were sure to cause trouble. However a solution was ultimately found: a Crusade against the Heathens of the New World.

By this point there had already been regular contact and Trade between the increasingly well established Norse colonies in the Americas and Eurasia. Part of which had been The Church of France (along with a dozen other churches and Muslim states) sending missionaries to spread the word of god to the pagans who much to their frustration were largely disinterested and sometimes converted their message bearers back. Christianity would never be more than a minority faith in North America and usually one overshadowed by the Jewish populations which trickled in. As such, King John IV found an way with d7,500 Poor Fellows from three formally abolished orders millitant as well as 10,000 camp followers (priests, artisans, squires and their families) which sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean to Hispanolia before returning. Their holy mission was to conquer this land and so they formed the Order of the Sunset Sword.

As luck had it, things were in just the right position for them. Hispanolia had seen some colonization by Norse Settlers over the past century (mostly outcasts) which had grown into a variety of small towns and villages, but these were under the control of thirty petty Jarls which fought with each other. The result of this was that the locals could not mount an effective defense as thirty small forces of Leidangr levies were ill equipped to deal with the sudden arrival of a large force of battle hardened heavy cavalry and infantry in chainmail, scale and brigandine armor. At the same time, the local populace had grown to the point in which even after a fair amount of butchery it could still support the invaders. In a few short months the Crusaders had managed to cease control of the Island and began consolidating their holdings. Norse Priests were executed en mass and burned their temples while the populace was forced to convert at sword point. New stone castles were raised and fiefdoms were carved out. Ten years latter the Crusaders launched an attack on the Island of Cuba, but had a harder time of it. The settlements of Cuba were a bit older and more established and had made defensive alliances after hearing reports of their initial invasion. While the eastern half fell, more casualties were incurred, but they took more casualties, got involved in more protracted sieges and were eventually bogged down. This represented the maximum extent of their territorial expansion and their holdings in cuba would eventually be lost by 1490, though their ambitions would never be mollified.

The new state that they founded was formally called the Kingdom of Charleterre, though many people referred to it as "the lands of The Order" or "The Order" which was the theocratic government of the islands. Though there was a hereditary nobility, the King of Charleterre was an elected one by the Holy Synod of the church from the eligible members (being a man with a title of nobility who's served the Church for either 20 years as an ordained priest who was not the son of a previous King*). Though nobles were required train in arms and there was a secular militia the Order Militant was the main armed force of the Kingdom. While small it did produce a solid force of soldiers and sailors that was respected and feared throughout the Caribbean sea.

The society The Order of the Sunset Sword created was one that was pious, spartan and authoritarian. The church cracked down hard on perceived heresies among it's main population. Taxes were heavy and mostly went into paying for the military. While it did not have the manpower to conquer the Norse Kingdoms, it did invest heavily into defenses, built a respectable fleet of Galleys and often launched raids against Norse Kingdoms and the Tezemco Empire, the primary purpose of which was looting and the collection of slaves. The Church's policy was that the lot of unbelievers was to learn The Truth in the bonds of slavery on the estates and mines, though they were not above selling slaves back to the ungodly as "the gold of unbelievers could be put to do god's work". In the larger scale wars, they could be something of a Wildcard for the coastal states, pledging their allegiance to whomever seemed to be winning so they could get a cut of the spoils. During the Shogunate's invasions they laid into coastal kingdoms that were being attacked as well as attacking Shogunal forces on the retreat. Needless to say their policies made them something of Pariah State which was deemed to be too hard to crack.

This fellow is a Knight of the Order from 1760. He's clad in the Three Quarter plate of the time and bears the heraldry of the Order, though unlike his forebears three centuries prior the advent of gunpowder and more nautical nature of war changed their tactics. He's dismounted, but would usually fight as a medium cavalryman using his pistols to lay into the foe before chopping at them with his scimitar. Destriers and other heavy horses went into decline after the Kingdom's arrival in the new world for anything other than defense of the Kingdom Proper. Smaller horses with better sea legs were bred for use by Marine Cavalry. Such knights were deemed to be a cut above most Light Huskarl cavalry man per man, but their numbers were limited and The Kingdom was always conservative with how many they deployed. Their armor is fairly high end stuff for the day, even if it's use was gradually in decline with the rise of muskets and artillery. Even so the amount of raiding the Order of the Sunset Sword would do would decline as the Shogunate rose in power and the Norse Kingdoms began fielding increasingly professional armies. Organization rather than ordinance would ultimately do in the chivalry of old.

*Ecclesiastic celibacy was never an thing in the Church of France or The Order offshoot.
Sellsword scimitar soldier
Once upon a time there was a city by the sea. It was a wealthy city from which Dhows were built and sailed for thousands of kilometers bringing books and wines and glass and porcelain and dyes and beasts and silks and spices and slaves and more to it's grand bazaars, to which galleys, holks and cogs came. With this commerce came wealth which the merchant masters of this city used to build grand houses, opulent temples and commissioned works of craft and art for both themselves and to sell to foreigners for even more money. But with money came those who coveted it. Pirates, inland rivals and bandits all sought to scarf up a slice of it's trade income. To combat these threats all free men of the city were required to keep arms and form into companies when danger came while a percentage of the city's profits went to arming the masses and training them up for war. In this realm the value of a man was determined by two things: his aptitude for turning one coin into two and his mastery of bow, spear and scimitar to keep his country's wealth and people secure.

This fellow here was adept at the latter, but soon found that he was for the most part Rubbish at the former. His family despaired as it took him two days to move a cart of figs during the week leading up to the Feast of the Lady of Fire while baring bringing in enough coin to cover costs. But he was a protege with a blade and steel shield and his fencing master frequently told his fellows to follow his example. As such, on his eighteenth birthday he announced that he would leave the family business in the much more capable hands of his sister and go off to prove the value of the family name on the field of battle. The high standard of marshal competence of the area had generated a new export: mercenary companies. He signed up with the Thousand Blades the next day and shipped off to war.

The Thousand Blades was a well respected company and though they steadfastly refused to engage in any action against their home city they still found plenty of work in the myriad small wars which filled the continent. His odd speech, aversion to eating meat during the day, burning of prayer papers and mirror plate often set him apart from the local knights and sergeants the Thousand Blades fought alongside, but most were impressed at how he could carve through a spear wall with his curvy sword.
Granny and a Strange Visitor
One day Granny Weatherwax was returning home after a good day of witching looking forward to a cup of tea when she found...something in her herb garden sampling the various plants. Something strange. Something removed from life as she knew it. Something...alien. Strange enough so she overlooked propriety and took a look into the thing's mind, only to find something even stranger. Memories of a hot jungle valley with a small peak in it at dawn. Of strange towns full of these things working with more wading out of pools. Forests leveled to make room for farms. Of tools going from sticks and stones to iron and steel to things as complicated like clocks, then more and more elaborate and allowing a mind that started out pretty bright and got larger and brighter to reach out. Of fighting, of war and a mind which regarded others as at best temporarily useful allies of necessity but ultimately as intelligent obstacles that needed to be removed because they were in the way. And nine of of these creatures linked together by little things strapped to it's eye stalks finding themselves in this strange forest suddenly.

In response she got out her broom and began poking the big four legged thing and telling it to get lost until it learnt some manners.

Discworld was made by Terry Pratchett.
Pandora' Star was made by Peter F. Hamilton
Interplanetary Metal Delivery Vehicle
This unmanned spacecraft is of a fairly typical type that has seen use since the late 21st century with only minor modifications. Interplanetary Metal Delivery Vehicles are simple almond shaped craft assembled by orbital mining stations usually out of steel or ceramic with a heat resistant ceramic underlayer and packed with metal ingots (generally fairly common ones) secured down. Once completed and inspected, a pair of spacecraft latches onto it and accelerates it along a ballistic course to a habitable planet at comparitively low speeds. Since it's course can be accurately calculated beforehand, it's RCS systems are there only in case of emergencies and to make small corrections. Once there it skims the edge of it's atmosphere in several elliptical orbits, loosing Delta V as it does so before making it's final entry to the atmosphere, aerobreaking away it's remaining Delta V before making a splashdown in a designated oceanic region, skidding to a halt on the planet's surface. Once that has been done, the craft has completed it's mobile existence and simply floats along, taking in some of the local atmosphere to equalize pressure inside and out. Floating along in the ocean, the craft is collected by tugboats which pull it to an industrial port. The craft is then unloaded of it's cargo and usually is broken down shortly afterwards for scrap, though it is not unknown for IMDV hulls to be stripped of their wings and used as large scale pontoons in various marine engineering projects, be modified into oceanic vessels after extreme refit, be used as low cost housing or other such purposes.

The system was first devised once mining in the Asteroid Belt had begun as a way to cheaply deliver packages to Earth and proved to be quite successful in that role. Similarly once extrasolar colonization got under way the basic system soon found use in a variety of other systems as populations grew and offworld mining became an increasingly important part of of the economy. Given their slow speed, lack of any weapons and bare bones maneuvering systems IMDVs are vulnerable to interception by pirates, but given that their cargo is generally of low value per kilogram only the most desperate raider crews will go after them. That said in the last 100 years with the advent of gravitics systems the use of IMDVs has declined in many of the more developed systems due to environmental concerns. Simply put having dozens of large objects arerobreaking and landing into the ocean every day generates a lot of waste heat, especially when compared to having an antigravic equipped shuttle going up and down from a planet's at low speeding ferrying down ingots from orbital facilities. Never the less IMDVs are still used on less developed worlds which lack the infrastructure to produce gravitic systems and where the demands for raw materials are not so ravenous these simple delivery systems still have a place. Among the biggest users of these is Jade who's planetside operations have grown by a considerable margin and has up until recently lacked any gravitic systems.
Well I got more than 1,000,000 Deviation Views, which was a goal of mine and I gotta thank everyone who's seen my art and liked it.

Shame that this had to happen within 24 hours of the passing of my mom.
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Leighton Michael White
I am a Canadian science fiction fan with an interest in history living in Winnipeg Manitoba. I like to draw to put my ideas into visual form.


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