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ImpCJCaesar's Profile Picture
The image above was drawn by friggin' NotEnoughApples! Check his cute art out!

I was born long time ago, during a hot day of summer. The sun was bright and shiny when I made my first appearance in this world. Then a bunch of stuff happened and now I'm here.

Oh. Almost forgot: Applejack is best pony! :iconajlovesapplesplz:
:iconverulence: tagged me in his journal so that I will answer 10 questions.
He was too lazy to follow all the rules so I feel justified to completely ignore them and not tag anybody.
I don't have enough friends who would forgive me if I tagged them.
If you want to answer the questions as well, feel free to do so and don't worry about tagging anybody. I'll take the responsibility of your sins.

Anyway, let's answer these questions.

  • Do you have a career (long standing full time job/consistent work in particular field)? If so, what is it?
    If not, what field are you either studying in or aspiring to eventually be a part of?

        I study Literature at my university, in the field of Historical and Socio-anthropological Studies. I'm there just for the History part. So, no, absolutely no career on sight because nobody wants a guy with this kind of studies. I'm not even good with manual works, so they won't take me at McDonald's.

  • Does that job/field relate to art? If so, is it/do you believe it will be fulfilling?
    If it doesn't relate to art, why that field, and is it/do you believe it will be fulfilling?

        It kinda does? Art is another aspect of history and according to my middle school art teacher I was good at art history. She didn't know that I sucked at it in high school, though, so I'm not sure how much that is true. I hope that I find a job that will feel like the right one for me. For now, I have no idea.

  • In terms of art, do you actively try to improve? What is some general advice you would give to someone looking to get better?

        Of course I always try to improve. I always feel that my art style lacks a certain... vibrant factor that I instead see in many others. I therefore tend to study these other artists' creation to find what I really like of their styles and use it in mine as well, creating an horrible monster that will eventually explode in my face and melt me.
    As for advice... other than what :iconverulence: already said, I can give some motivational advice like:
    1) Nobody is going to hurt you if what you draw isn't the best. Don't worry about what others may say of it, just get it out.
    2) Draw when you are inspired and follow your instincts. Trust your senses and try weird stuff. Why to throw purple on that? Why not? Do it, and something good could happen.
    3) Keep drawing and do it for yourself more than the others. Especially in the beginning, draw only what you like.
    4) Make some friends. Really, wouldn't be here if I didn't have some great awesome spectacular friends who support me. Friendship is magic, right?

  • Are you more comfortable with digital or traditional media, and where did you start learning more seriously?

        I drew traditional sketches for years before finally getting to the digital. I feel more comfortable sketching and drawing traditionally, but the painting and coloring feels the best when I do it digitally, because I am able to repair my frequent mistakes without making holes in the paper. I started learning more seriously here, on dA, during the Artists Training Grounds of 2013.

  • If you drive, what do you drive, and do you enjoy driving it? 
    What would you like to be driving instead/would like to be driving eventually?

        I drive a Wolkswagen Polo that is 10 years old. No, wait. Now it's 13 years old. Yeah, I enjoy driving it.
        I don't have a model of a car that I would like to drive, but I'd like it to have a beak on the front to ram other cars and cannons on the sides.

  • Do you have/have you ever made up some enormous fictional universe? If so, could you briefly describe it or its premise?
    If you haven't (or if you have, if you please), what is your favourite fictional universe (apart from yours)?

        I made tons of fictional universes in my mind. The most developed one was a parody of a Spanish telenovela with special character who would live through history creating ucronian societies by mistake.
        And my favorite fictional universe... eh... I don't have a favorite... there are so many that I like... Lord of the Rings?

  • Have you ever had a near-death experience? What happened (or almost happened)?

        Not that I know. I may have risked my life a lot when I was a baby, though, because I was super sick.

  • In your opinion, which culture has the best food? Do you have a favourite dish?

        Italy :3
        My favorite dish would be... hmm... pasta with bolognese sauce. Or pizza.

  • In terms of art, what is something you personally struggle with.

        Wings. I hate wings. And tails. Heck no tails. Oh and let's not mention the friggin background. And perspective.

  • What are your thoughts on NSFW art (Adult/Mature/Gore/etc.)?

        In the beginning, I was very opposed to it. Now I accept it. Although I don't like gore, because it seems just so horrible to do that to ponies.
        R34 instead... well, I've seen many super talented artists and that's the only r34 art that I can appreciate.
        Only artistically, of course.
        *deletes secret folders*


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