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Today is visit deviantART day! I'm browsing friend's work, looking through unfamiliar portfolios and responding to 1-2 year old comments on my own work (Sorry, I'm terrible at keeping up with communications).

I have recently returned from back surgery. Here is a brief recap of the experience: Forms forms and more forms, hospital socks, IVs, kisses, lights out, out with the old pain, lights on, in with the new pain, hospital food, sleepless night next to shouting hospital crazy, and then back home with the girl! Yay! I'll be in the recovery phase for about 6 to 14 weeks so I hope that I might use this time to crawl out of my long term artistic hibernation and find my way back into making art stuff.

Prior to the surgery I had not been very productive. I have had doubts about my involvement in art, which has been hard to stomach because art has been my core element since I was very young... it is like a language that holds me together and connects me with the world. I don't know where the feeling crept in but it has been making life hell for long time. I am unfortunately apparently not very well in control of myself.

I am drawing bit by bit now and the doubt has mostly subsided but there is still a trace of it rolling around in my head... a lack of feeling that sneaks up on me from time to time when I am sitting with my sketchbook. Maybe this surgery recovery time will be a good thing for me.
Putting together a collection various metal smithing tools. I have to melt bronze soon or I will lose what remains of my brain.

Despite the long mind numbing hours at my present job I have been drawing just about every single day now. Itching to explore some it in paint.

My motherboard has had a case of the blown-capacitor-blues so my album by the end of the year goal might not happen. I will still push for it though. It may end up being a wee-album.
Finished with school. Looking for work. Making art.

I just added a few newish pieces to deviantart and my webpage.

Also  I have a painting for sale on ebay and I am working to get a few more up soon.

Also also... FLStudio 7 was recently released! Yay! Lots of fun new doo-dads and whatcha-ma-call-its. I have a few compositions in the works that I'll try to find the time to finish. I'd like to complete a full-length CD before 2008.