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Electro Music Headset.
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I made this about 4 years ago.
There's new version coming soon, in higher resolution.

Check my deviantart site to stay updated or go to (where it was originally posted)

Thanks guys
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Thanks for this awesome wallpaper!  Featured in my screenshot here > [Christmas Desktop 12-2013]
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I used this as my cover page on Facebook!   I linked you back to it as well!!!!    I 
Heart Heart Heart Audiobooks so this was just what I was looking for, for a cover art!   :happybounce: Hug Worship Worship  
Good work with it!! like the effects of music... ^^
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amazing thank i love it
Rly rly great!
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thats awsome, you also have it in the size of 1920*1080 pxl?
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simple but strong
nice work

may i use it in my video tho?
I would love to have a 1680x1050 version of. I'm afraid of going to the link you gave because my browsers are claiming that the website will attack my computer.
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Can u post a headphones render please ? With thoe fractals around the cable please. I would appreciate. Thank you.
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Various resolution for the screen
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this is fan

but , why the recolution not good ?

thanx >!
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Enjoy ^^
Yes, 1440x900 would be awesome. Really digging this wallpaper.
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if it is possible please send 1920*1200 version to the
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I'm pretty sure this isn't yours...
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Not trying to be rude or anything, but if [link] isn't you, you should probably credit the original (given you have permission as well). Again, sorry if I'm wrongly accusing you of something.
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yes, what dimension ?
Maybe a 1680x1059 would be nice? Thanks
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