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Shape Pack - Flower Corners

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Thank you for your DONATION: iMouritsa

If you download these shapes I would appreciate if you :+fav: this file.

:bulletblack: Tools: a. Photoshop CS2, b. Illustrator CS2
:bulletblack: Time: About 5 hours 

I decided to upload something that would surely help all of you a lot. This is shape pack of all the corners (AND LOT MORE) that I created for the Grungy Frames packs. I hope all the deviants who noted me about the Grungy Frame brushes will be pleased. Please don't redistribute! It's a pity for my work.

Copyright © 2008 - Marielle P. Kokosidou| All Rights Reserved | COPYRIGHT NOTICE
© 2008 - 2021 iMouritsa
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Thank you!!!! SZZZZ

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download button not working
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Thank you for letting me know, I suppose it was a glitch or something. You may download it now.

With regards,
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Awesome! Just what I needed!
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Thank you very much! I'll definitely use it!
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All three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) are giving me the raw code of the file instead of letting it download. It seems a lot of people are having the issue. Could you zip the file and upload the zip please?
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I canno do that since I've been told already by the DA help desk, that due to technical issues I cannot reupload any file in a different file format, I can only reupload in the same format. Nevertheless, when me and my friend download my pack in any format it downloads perfectly. Who else has the same problem? Indicate me those people.
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I was just seeing them in the comments. And I've changed files before so it's weird they won't let you. That sucks cause I love these lol
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That's what I sent:

Hello DeviantART team,

I was hoping that you could help us on this matter, as I was trying to edit my deviations and in particular "change the main files" in a different format (i.e. from .abr to zip) and while the loading process appears when I hit the UPDATE button a message appears which states that I can only change a deviation with the same file format. I have tried the same thing with files from rar to zip and it does work just fine, but when it comes to abr or pat files to be changed in zip or rar files it won't work. 
I was wondering if this is an actual bug or not as in the past years I could clearly make the switch between the file formats. 
In case you are wondering why would this be helpful for me, I would say that I want to include previews of my stock brushes and add a TOU file in a zip package.

With regards, 
Marielle Perikly Kokosidou

That's what they sent:


I'm really sorry but due to technical reasons, deviation's can't be edited with new file types.

Kind regards,


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I dont know how to use this?? can anyone help me?
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Oh, it works fine in Firefox, just in Chrome it didn't Thanks, this is just what I needed!
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How come I get a page full of gibberish when I click "Download File"?
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Thank you for this! :)
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Awesome, thank you! :heart:
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really nice! good job!
These are amazing. I was looking for some scroll shapes like these
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Awesome collection
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Thank you! A very nice collection.
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