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Tsundere Trixie

Trixie is such a weeb.

... an adorable weeb Twilight (Blush) Plz 
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i wish you were in the season final too Trixie
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of which season?

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thank you Season 6
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Cute best pony!
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Now her wish has been granted <3 <3
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Poor Trixie, she needs a hug.
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You'll be in this week's episode! :D Hasbro finally got you back on the crew. :nod:
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Aww! Poor Trixie! :)
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Adorable! ^_^ :squee:
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She was in the season finale?
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As a background pony lol but just for a second, she wanted an entire episode for her, the poor thing.
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OH I didn't notice lol I think they should have used her more in the series maybe had a episode of her as an assistant to Twilight or something
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Si salio aunque me hubiese gustado que tuviera un papel mas notorio
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Aww... Who has a pouty face? You are, Trixie. Give me a huggy wuggy.
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No no no, Trixie. Repeat after me, "Ba-ka". Baka.
Now try again.

Trixie: first of all we are in the usa, not in Japan. And of all..... no, I don't say it which is from Japan and I feel uncomfortable to say that.

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Actually, Trixie WAS in the season finale.
This pony right here was confirmed to be Trixie by one of the staff
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