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Jesse and Jane

Still in denial that it's all over. I've been sick for three weeks straight so am behind on my episode pieces, but I'll be back onto em soon.
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I'm in love with your artwork, oh my goodness :heart: 
dysfunctionally's avatar
My god, I love this!
Good job, your work is amazing.
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Jesse saw the junkie couple, saw their lives in disarray and even after Jane revels her addiction I like to think the parallels being obvious. 
I wonder if ever saw them going in that direction at any point?
Zedasiria-DeRazz's avatar
dear lord the feels....
ruahh's avatar
Very creative idea. Like it.
DamnShameX3Rawr's avatar
awww so cute x3 I love your art!
AlexFili's avatar
Aww such a great scene in the show
emptypulchritude's avatar
imorawetz's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
a-human-works's avatar
love the brushworks!
Ihavefoundaname's avatar
I love how this is so simple, but at the same time, there's something that makes it unique. :)
wiigotaproblem's avatar
Oh no... all the feels are coming back now. :( 

Great work, this is perfect. 
imorawetz's avatar
Oh god sorry! We can cry it out together.

And thanks ;)
MossBerg850's avatar
I love Breaking Bad!
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 Love how you did the lighting on their hair <3
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Oh man, well done
Neko-Bear's avatar
"All I have left to give you is this." 
Beautiful! Thank you for submitting this today, just what I needed!! I love your work, hope you get better soon, can't wait to see your rendition of Felina ♥
imorawetz's avatar
Thank you so so SO much for the kind words. And yes I'm very keen to paint the final pieces eee!
Neko-Bear's avatar
You're very welcome, my pleasure ♥ I can't wait!! :eager: There's just so many great scenes to select from, you must find it hard focusing on just the one :meow: 
HowLifeIsAmazing's avatar
OMG !! Very nice work :D  I do really love thi pic..Ohhh my !! It reminds me about a lots of things i always dreaming about .. well done..well done 
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